A student sits in her Vickroy dorm room during move-in 2020

Move In

Please review this map before arriving on campus to make move-in easy. Then, locate your residence hall and follow these simple check-in procedures:

  • Report to North Campus, Red Lot A to check in. You will receive your room key, student ID card, and other items. 
  • Follow your Orientation program for all of your activities during your first days on campus.


For many new students, sharing a room with someone else is a first. You and your new roommate are sharing a small space. This experience can provide a great opportunity for personal growth and development.

Here are a few key points that current students suggest regarding living with someone else:

  • Start to get to know your roommate over the summer so you have an idea of what he/she is like. Also talk to him/her beforehand so you know what each of you will bring for your room. As an incoming student, you will most likely bring a lot more than you will need for your room and there is a good chance that your roommate will do the same thing.
  • Be flexible. You never know what your roommate will be like in person and many of your pre-conceived ideas may be completely different.
  • Discuss expectations for each other early. Be genuine and honest about your preferences. If you need it to be quiet to study, you should let your roommate know from the start, not the night before an exam.
  • Remember that you are not a clone of your roommate. If you aren't involved in every single activity together, it's not the end of the world! It is usually best if you both make your own friends and do your own things.
  • Don't talk negatively about your roommate to other students, talk to your roommate first if you have concerns.
  • If your concerns are not being met, don't hesitate to talk to your RA or Area Coordinator.

In one of your RA's first floor meetings, he/she will assist you and your roommate with establishing boundaries and setting expectations for each other through completing the Roommate Connections form.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants, or RAs, are sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are employed by the College to oversee the residence halls. Each hall has a staff of 5-12 RAs responsible for overseeing activities on individual floors. 

RAs help promote and enhance a positive academic and social environment at the College. The RAs live on each floor of the residence halls and provide residents resource information, advice, counsel, and friendship. They can answer questions about College services, activities, and programs. 

Additionally, the RAs help to manage and maintain not only the physical facilities, but also the student behavior in support of each student's right to live, sleep, and study in his or her room. RAs are on duty every night of the week. During the evenings, they are in the residence hall lounges and also do rounds of the halls. 

RAs organize and sponsor programs for students to get involved with in areas outside of the classroom. These programs provide another opportunity to bring people together. Participation in these events will help you get to know your fellow hall residents. 

Each residence hall is managed by either the Area Coordinator or the Associate Director of Residential Life. The Area Coordinator and Associate Director of Residential Life are professional staff members who live on campus and supervise the Resident Assistants. There is always a professional staff member on call when the Student Affairs Office is closed (4:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday and all weekend long). These professionals are here to assist all students.


There are around 300 full-time commuting students attending Lebanon Valley College. All commuters are encouraged to become part of the mainstream of college life. Take advantage of studying in the commuter student lounge, located in the Mund College Center. Study areas, a TV, refrigerator, and microwave are available in the lounge for your convenience. All commuting students are invited to have lunch in the dining hall, which features "all you can eat" for a nominal fee. Check with Student Affairs for more information on commuter meal-plan options. 

LVC also offers free luncheons for all commuting students at select times throughout the year. All luncheons are held at 11 a.m. in Mund College Center. Stay tuned for e-mail invitations to each upcoming luncheon. 

Your First-Year Mentor group, led by upper-class commuting students, will help to familiarize you with the campus and answer many of your questions. This is a great way for you to get to know other first-year commuting students and to find out all that the College has to offer. 

Please stop by to meet other commuting students, your Student Government representatives, and members of the Student Affairs staff. Hope to see you there!