Rock On.

FYE 099: College Rocks is an interactive online course that offers a preview of the first-year experience program and aims to equip incoming students with the knowledge and self-awareness to become successful rock star students.

FYE 099 will navigate through many aspects for a successful four years at Lebanon Valley College. The course will explore student engagement, community service, and leadership opportunities. The online course defines Inclusive Excellence and why we value it at LVC, as well as Title IX and academic policies and procedures. Students will also discover resources for academic success including technology and communication available to all students and financial and wellness tips and information.

To access the course, please set up your LVC email account and visit and log on to Canvas to start the online program.


Rock Star Students:

  • accept personal responsibility, seeing themselves as the primary cause of their outcomes and experience.
  • discover self-motivation, finding purpose in their lives by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams.
  • master self-management, consistently planning and taking purposeful actions in pursuit of their goals and dreams.
  • gain self awareness, consciously employing behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that keep them on course.