Ready, Set...

Use this handy checklist and timeline to keep track of what you need to do and when you need to do it. For now, enjoy the rest of your senior year, and start channeling your inner Dutchman.


  BY / ON*
Pinch yourself. Glow with pride. at this very moment
Submit your aid application (FAFSA). as soon as possible after Oct. 1, 2019
Attend LVC Live (meet your future classmates). March 14
Schedule an individual visit. before May
Commit to LVC and feel that Dutchman pride. by May 1
Return a signed copy of your award letter and Borrowing Intentions Form (BIF) to the Financial Aid Office. between May 1 and June 1
Participate in New Student Advising Day  May dates TBD
Complete the Housing Information Form by May 31
Finish your senior year strong to make sure you start at LVC even stronger! you've got this
Apply for your Stafford Loan online (if applicable). between May 1 and June 1
Schedule a physical with your family doctor. by June 15
Submit your athletics physical and paperwork (if applicable). by July 1
Expect your fall tuition bill to arrive around this date. around July 5
Read a few challenging books and keep your brain sharp (think of it as mental jiu-jitsu). but avoid paper cuts
Receive your housing assignment and roommate information. mid-late July
Go directly to your local big-box retailer to outfit your new digs. no trampolines
Read the course catalog (and revel in the possibilities). this summer
Submit your health form (required). by August 1
Submit your fall tuition payment by this date. by August 5
Move into your residence hall. Thursday, Aug. 27
Remind yourself how hard you've worked and how much you deserve this! as often as you can
Start classes. August 31
Have your family take you out to dinner at Ted's of Annville. anytime
Have a coffee and some baked goods at the Whirling Dervish Bakery. when in need of a pick-me-up
Look back in wonder at all you've achieved. at this very moment

 *Dates subject to change.