Students and Employees

Check your email the morning of Weds., April 21, to schedule an appointment for Friday's on-campus vaccine clinic.

Ready, Set...

Use this handy checklist and timeline to keep track of what you need to do and when you need to do it. For now, enjoy the rest of your senior year, and start channeling your inner Dutchman.


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Submit your financial aid application (FAFSA). as soon as possible after Oct. 1
Attend Accepted Student Week (meet your future classmates). Feb. 20-25
Celebrate your acceptance on social media using #LVC2025 The sooner the better. We want to celebrate with you!
Check out to win weekly LVC prizes and learn more about campus life. We're ready when you are.
Commit to LVC and submit your deposit. by May 1
Return a signed copy of your aid offer letter and Borrowing Intentions Form (BIF) to the Financial Aid Office. between May 1 and June 1
Apply for your Federal Direct Loan online at (if applicable). between May 1 and June 1
Schedule a physical with your family doctor. by June 15
Receive your fall tuition bill around July 6
Submit your athletics health clearance form (if applicable). by August 1
Submit your fall tuition payment by August 9
Pack your things and get excited about your new adventure before August 26
Move into your residence hall. August 26
Start classes. August 30
Language Placement Test Before student advising sessions begin
Student Information Form by May 31
Housing Agreement by May 31
Housing & Meal Plan by May 31
Upload Student ID Picture by June 1
Medical Information by August 1

 *Dates subject to change.