Undergraduate International Costs: 2022-2023

Tuition and Expenses in U.S. Dollars

Tuition and Fees $50,020 (includes health insurance fee for non-athletes)
$50,283 (includes health insurance fee for athletes)
Room & Board $13,220
Estimated Expenses $4,300
Total Billable Charges $67,540 (non-athletes)
$67,803 (athletes)

LVC Scholarship Guarantee

Board of Trustees $31,000 Per Year
Presidential Scholarship $28,000 Per Year
Dean's Scholarship $26,000 Per Year
Alfred Tennyson Sumner Scholarship $23,000 Per Year
Mary A. Weiss Scholarship $21,000 Per Year

Undergraduate international students who are enrolled full-time are eligible for the five levels of merit-based awards offered by Lebanon Valley College to select highly qualified students. Your merit award will include at least $20,000 in annual renewable scholarships per year—guaranteed—and could be as high as $31,000 per year. That means you could get up to $124,000 in LVC scholarships recognizing your achievements!

LVC grants and scholarships are awarded for up to a maximum of eight semesters or until completion of the first undergraduate degree, whichever comes first. Students must also be making Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Graduate International Costs: 2022-2023

Tuition and Expenses in U.S. Dollars

based on information and rates for 2021-2022, subject to change

Estimated 2022-2023
For 1 year of study

Estimated Total
For 2 years of study

12 courses–3 credits each

$736 per credit

$13,248 (6 courses)

$26,496 (12 courses)

10-15 online courses

$44 per course

$440 maximum

$440 maximum

Total Tuition




 *subject to change


Costs of Living Expenses (for students living on-campus or off-campus housing)

Cost of Living/Room and Board and Estimated
Additional Expenses

$8,760 per semester

(2 semesters:

(4 semesters:

Summer term (OPTIONAL)—additional tuition and fees apply      
Total Tuition + Cost of Living   $31,208 $61,976