The Sociology Department Goals

  1. Students will be familiar with the sociological perspective on human behavior and key concepts in sociology.
    • Describe how sociology is similar to and different from other social sciences.

    • Use sociological concepts and employ the “sociological imagination” to analyze social behavior and social reality.

    • Define, give examples, and apply the concepts of culture, socialization, social structure, deviance, and diversity in terms of race/ethnicity, gender, and social as well as the micro/macro distinction.

    • Explain how the self develops sociologically and to explain the reciprocal relationships between the individual and society.

  2. Students will be familiar with the major theoretical orientations in sociology.
    • Define theory and describe its role in building sociological knowledge. 

    • Compare and contrast basic theoretical orientations such as conflict, structural-functional, interaction.

    • Describe and apply basic theories or theoretical orientations.

  3. Students will understand the role of evidence in sociology and will be familiar with quantitative and qualitative research methods used in the social sciences.
    • Identify basic methodological approaches and understand the role of methods in building sociological knowledge.

    • Compare and contrast basic methodological approaches for gathering data.

    • Critically assess published research reports/articles.

    • Design and complete a research study.

    • Use data sets to answer research questions.

    • Understand and apply basic statistical tests used in the social sciences.

  4. Students will be able to communicate effectively.
    • Express ideas in a clear and coherent manner in writing.

    • Express ideas in a clear and coherent manner through oral presentations.

    • Work together in teams to present group projects.

    • Demonstrate critical thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, and application of principles.


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