Highly motivated students can customize their own self-designed major at Lebanon Valley College

Graduate Success

Graduates with self-designed majors pursue a wide avenue of rewarding and personally stimulating careers. Some examples include Nikki Abbamont ’14, who graduated with a self-designed major in entertainment business. Today, she is the publicity and marketing coordinator for Black River Entertainment in Nashville, Tenn. Natalia Antelva ’02, who was a self-design and French double major, is an Emmy-nominee and award winning journalist who started freelancing for the BBC while a junior at LVC. Today, she is a co-founder of Coda Story, a single-issue web platform that puts a team of journalists on one crisis at a time and stays with it, providing unique depth, continuity, and understanding to events that shape our world. Then, there’s Dustin Kerns ’09, a self-design and accounting double major who is a consultant with the International Organization for Migration, Seoul, Republic of Korea, while also attending graduate school at Georgetown University. The opportunities are endless.

Through my internship with Five Mile Capital Partners, I was immersed in the terminology connected to finance…I think anyone who is interested in a career in finance has dreams about working for a high profile company in a nice NYC office.

Amber Keeseman Cenci ’11, Self-Designed and Economics Double Major; Category Consultant, The Hershey Company