A Diverse Perspective in Healthcare and Business 

Dr. Tonya Miller’s educational background in physical therapy and business experience in healthcare leadership gives a diverse perspective to her teaching in both LVC’s Doctor of Physical Therapy and MBA programs.

Dr. Miller teaches Introduction in Healthcare and Healthcare Leadership, where she shares stories from 20 years of real-world experience, including 10 years as the senior vice president of operations for a multi-state healthcare company. Miller supervised more than 1,000 employees and led merger and acquisition teams that integrated more than 20 companies during that span.

Now, Miller enjoys teaching students who come from a variety of backgrounds and at different times in their lives. She said the students in the program are engaging and learn as much from each other as they do from her.

“My teaching philosophy is definitely world-ready teaching,” said Miller. “Integrating theory into practical application that students can apply in their careers at all levels. This gives a foundation for critical thinking as a leader.”

Miller recommends LVC’s MBA Program for multiple reasons that include class size, individual attention from professors, and the diverse experience of the professors.