Dr. Michael Edward Lehr
Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Academic Areas of Expertise:

  • Foundational Clinical Skills
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  • Functional Exercise
  • Prescription, Clinical Reasoning

Courses Taught at LVC

PHT 632  Clinical Examination
PHT 726  Clinical Interventions I
PHT 730  Clinical Interventions II
EBCI  Capstone Research Project

Research Topics:

Clinical Reasoning in Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Sports Medicine Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Professional Leadership & Major Awards

Positions and Awards

  • Exemplary Teaching of Excellence Award, Lebanon Valley College, 2015, presented from Dean of Academic Affairs and President’s Office
  • Specialty Academy of Content Experts Orthopedic Section 2011-2014
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Physical Therapy in Sport, SportsHealth 2013-Present
  • PPTA Practice Committee Expert Appointment 2009-2011
  • Chair, PPTA Nominating Committee 2008-2012

Grant Awards

  • Award recipient of the Presidential Innovative Grant for the interdepartmental collaborative program “BodyARMOR.” April 2013.
  • Co-recipient of the Arnold Experiential Grant award for an interdepartmental student/faculty project, “Digital Publishing for the Mobile Devices: Developing an educational reference tool for Physical Therapy Students.” September 2011.

Scholarly Work

Peer Reviewed Publications

Lehr, ME, Kime D, Onks C, Silvis, M, Streisel M. Development of a preliminary evidenced-based neuromusculoskeletal exercise guideline to reduce injury risk in the lower limb: Literature Review. Phys Ther in Sport (October 2016) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ptsp.2016.08.012

Butler RJ, Lehr ME, Fink ML, Kiesel K, Plisky PJ: Dynamic Balance Performance and Noncontact Lower Extremity Injury in College Football Players: An Initial Study. Sports Health Vol 5; 5 2013

Lehr, ME, Plisky PJ, Butler, RJ, Fink ML, Kiesel, K, Underwood FB. Field expedient screening and injury risk algorithm categories as predictors of noncontact lower extremity injury. Scan J Med Sci Sports 2013

Willow, A, Lehr, ME. The use of and Impairment-based Treatment Program to Improve the Sit-to-Stand Task Following Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Case Report. Orthop Phys Ther Prac 2012 Vol 24; 3:12 118-124

Fisher, J, Lehr, ME. The Use of a Clinical Prediction Rule and Clinical Practice Guidelines to Manage a Patient with Hip Pain: A Case Report. Orthop Phys Ther Prac 2012 Vol 24; 3:12 126-130

Sabol, N. Lehr ME. Clinical Application of the Classification System in the Musculoskeletal Management of a Patient with Chronic Neck Pain: A Case Report. Orthop Phys Ther Prac 2012 Vol 24; 3:12 131-136

Semon, A, Lehr, ME. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders; A Literature Review. Orthop Phys Ther Prac 20009 Vol. 21;3:09:98-101

Pettineo, SJ, Jestes, K, Lehr, ME Female ACL Injury Prevention with a Functional Integration Exercise Model. J. Strength Cond. 2004 26: 28-33 

Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations

Harmon S, Maggio N, Lehr ME, Rodic B. Identification of Risk Afactors for Ankle Sprains and the Effectiveness of MMW and HVLAT in Ankle Dorsiflexion. PPTA Annual Conference Valley Forge, PA October 2018

Lehr ME, Dacko S, Cheek, W et al. The Prevalence of Injury Risk and Neuromuscular Dysfunction with USA Olympic Field Hockey. APTA CSM New Orleans, LA Feb 2018

Lehr ME, Dacko S, Cheek, W et al. The Prevalence of Injury Risk and Neuromuscular Dysfunction with USA Olympic Field Hockey. PPTA Seven Springs, PA October 2017

Lehr ME, Pettineo, SP, Fink ML  Regional Interdependence Applications of dorsiflexion mobility restrictions on Closed Kinetic Squat Movement patterns APTA CSM San Antonio, TX February 2017

Fink ML, Lehr ME, Peers BS, Ulrich EL, Baiocchi KG, Lever S. Efficacy of Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Ankle Mobilization With Movement on the Dynamic Balance and Closed Kinetic Chain Dorsiflexion of Collegiate Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Platform presentation at the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference, October 24th 2015 (12:30-2:00pm); Seven Springs, PA.

Lehr ME, Pettineo, SJ. Musculoskeletal Management of the Foot/Ankle from “Inside to Outside the Box: A Functional  Examination and Intervention Model. CSM PPTA Southeast District. Philadelphia, PA April 2013

Lehr ML, Ritchie J. et al. Utilization of a collaborative and interdepartmental student-centered approach in the development of a technology-based application prototype to complement entry- level didactic instruction for cervicothoracic musculoskeletal management. Presented at the Combined Sections Meeting of the APTA Conference, January 2013, San Diego, CA.

R.J. Butler, M. Lehr, K.B. Kiesel, R.M. Queen, W.E. Garrett, P.J. Plisky. (accepted) An economical model for ACL injury screening in college athletes. Southern Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting. 2013.

Lehr ME, Fink ML, A Practical Approach to Medical and Movement Screening for the Lumbopelvic Hip Complex for Today's Autonomous Practitioner.  PPTA Annual Conference. Lancaster, PA October 2012

Fink ML, Lehr ME, B.K. Cummings, PA, J.R. Hribick, M.A. Pipkin, J.T. Szigethy.  Evaluation of a Manual Scapular Mobilization Technique: A Reliability Study.  Poster Presentation,  Pennsylvania Physical 

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