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Continuing Education Schedule

Aug. 22 & 23, 2020 | Scrape, Tape & Move: Foundation to Function

The Scrape, Tape & Move: Foundation to Function certification course provides a scientific and practical method that introduces an advanced integrated approach to restoring and maximizing the human movement system. While this course is all about treatment, you must enter with a great method of diagnostic assessment. Therefore, we will build from the SFMA model of movement assessment to optimize your toolbox and expand your toolset and incorporate the finest strategies know in the rehabilitation field. Therefore, this course starts up where the SFMA diagnostic course leaves off. It is of paramount importance to come up with the correct movement diagnosis yet after that, health care professions need to have an efficient toolset to maximize their patient care both during their time in the clinic and supplemental home exercise. This Level 2 course teaches healthcare professionals how to use the SFMA and other movement-related findings to guide their interventions – from techniques to restore mobility to reprogramming motor control dysfunctions. With your movement system findings, you can prioritize where to start your treatment plan. This systematic approach will help clinicians to be more efficient and effective while treating movement-related dysfunctions.

 PA State Board Approved for 16 contact hours.