Professors Noelle Vahanian and Jeff Robbins discuss principles of living philosophy with their class

About Philosophy at LVC

Become a critical and analytical thinker by exploring perennial questions of values, knowledge, reality, and human nature. Not simply a way of knowing, even more, philosophy is a way of questioning. 

Studying philosophy helps you prepare for just about any career choice, and the discipline's focus on logic and argumentation makes it an exceptionally strong foundation for law school.

Note: Philosophy will no longer be offered as a major or minor for students entering Fall 2019 and beyond. Courses will be offered at the 100 and 200 levels.

My LVC education, and philosophy training in particular, helped me become comfortable operating in the gray areas, that is, facing complex issues with many variables where there is seldom one right answer.

Director of Client Experience, Geneva Global

Ryan Derfler '04