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LVC Exercise Science students test new analytical equipment

Department Mission

We provide students with an evidence-based, collaborative interprofessional curriculum and set of experiences to develop essential knowledge and skills to seek successful careers in exercise and sport sciences or to pursue a graduate education.

Department Goals and Objectives

  1. Graduates will possess broad-based skills and knowledge necessary for the effective implementation of exercise science principles across a variety of contexts.
    • Program graduates will demonstrate safe and effective exercise administration.

    • Program graduates will demonstrate knowledge of foundational exercise science principles.

  2. Graduates will effectively and professionally communicate with clients and other health care professionals.
    • Program graduates will demonstrate competent verbal and written professional communication.

    • Graduates will demonstrate effective coaching/instruction techniques to facilitate adherence to a personalized exercise prescription.

  3. Graduates will be proactive and professionally responsive to meet current and future societal healthcare needs and promote exercise and healthy lifestyles.
    • Program graduates will demonstrate involvement within the exercise science profession.

  4. Graduates will possess the critical thinking skills needed to promote self-directed learning and evidence-based practice in the area of wellness and exercise science.
    • Demonstrate the ability to critically appraise current evidence in exercise science to foundational science and exercise prescription.

    • Demonstrate and provide evidence of self-directed learning.

  5. Graduates will provide individual exercise needs assessments with various client populations and develop personalized exercise prescriptions.
    • Graduates will demonstrate competence in various performance assessment methods leading to a personalized exercise prescription.