Dr. Douglas Becker
Assistant Professor of Biology

Academic Areas of Expertise:

  • Environmental Science
  • Ecology
  • Biostatistics 

Courses Taught at LVC

ENVI 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies

BIO 314  Wildlife Ecology and Management

BIO 313  Forest Ecology and Management 

BIO 214  Biological Research Methods, Design, and Statistics

Research Topics:

I am a wildlife ecologist studying the effects of human activities on biological communities. My past research primarily focused on effects within bird communities. My current projects include:

  • the effects of deer, invasive plant species, and canopy gaps on oak regeneration
  • the advantages of native plant gardens
  • the effects of the introduced spotted lanternfly on the forest insect community

Scholarly Work


Becker, D., P.B. Wood, M. Strager, and C. Mazzarella. 2015. Impacts of mountaintop mining on terrestrial ecosystem integrity: identifying landscape thresholds for avian species in the central Appalachians, United States. Landscape Ecology 30: 339-356.

Wood, P., M. Frantz, and D.A. Becker. 2016. Louisiana waterthrush and benthic macroinvertebrate response to shale gas development. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 7: 423-433.

Becker, D., P.B. Wood, and P.D. Keyser. 2012. Canada Warbler use of harvested stands following timber management in the southern portion of their range. Journal of Forest Ecology and Management 276: 1-9.

Becker, D.A., P.B. Wood, P.D. Keyser, T.B. Wigley, R. Dellinger, and C.A. Weakland. 2011. Threshold responses of songbirds to long-term timber management on an active industrial forest. Journal of Forest Ecology and Management 262: 449-460.

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