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LVC English students share their favorite stories

The English Department Mission

Lebanon Valley College’s English Program advances the key goals of a liberal arts education by teaching students to ask probing questions about a wide variety of texts and to appreciate the variety of accomplishments in the English language. The basis for all concentrations is the study of literature: imaginative, complex, and challenging texts in a variety of genres and media. All majors learn the skills of clear, concise, and correct expression as well as of effective collection, organization, and presentation of material.

English Department Goals and Objectives

Program Goal 1

Students will be effective critical thinkers.

Learning Outcomes: LVC’s English majors utilize their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in sought-after internships in a variety of fields, as well as in prestigious international fellowships, such as the Fulbright program.


Program Goal 2

Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication abilities.

Learning Outcomes: LVC’s English majors publish their work in a variety of professional and academic venues, from newspapers to scholarly journals, and utilize their communications skills as public speakers, actors, educators, and more.


Program Goal 3

Students will be effective critical readers.  

Learning Outcomes: LVC’s English majors successfully propose and present their critical and analytical work at national and regional academic conferences and LVC’s Inquiry celebrations and are admitted to highly competitive graduate programs, earning fellowships and assistantships, both in the United States and abroad.


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