Required Background Checks & Clearances

All enrolled students in any education program at Lebanon Valley College must complete the following background checks prior to the start of freshman year. More information and examples can be found here

Child Abuse History Clearance

Another option is to go directly to the Department of Public Welfare Office at 5 Magnolia Drive, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to obtain your Child Abuse History Clearance. This option will require that you bring a photo ID in addition to a money order and the completed Child Abuse History Clearance form. Forms can be obtained by schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

Pennsylvania State Criminal History Record

  • Fee payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • More information can be found here.

Federal (FBI) Criminal History Report

As of November 2017, the process has changed and FBI Criminal History/Fingerprint reports are now obtained via a computer system called IdentoGo. On the next page are the instructions for obtaining FBI Criminal History/Fingerprint reports through the new IdentoGo system.

  • Visit
  • Select “Digital Fingerprint”
  • You must enter a 6-digit service code. The code is 1KG6RT. NOTE: If you do not have the code, you can look it up. If you go to the code look-up, you will be prompted to answer three questions:
    1. Select the state/program for your ORI: Pennsylvania
    2. Choose your agency: PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education
    3. Select your reason for fingerprinting: PDE-Colleges/Universities Teacher Education Program
  • After you enter the 6-digit service code, you will be able to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken. There are other helpful informational links to locate an enrollment center and instruct you on what to bring to your appoointment, etc.
  • You must print or save as a PDF document before you click out of the window or you will not be able to retrieve a copy of this clearance.