Kyle Ward - Reading for a Change

Dr. Kyle C. Ward ’09, received the June Herr Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from Lebanon Valley College. Kyle runs Reading for a Change with his students in two prisons. Ward and his students record prison parents reading books to their children to help maintain social bonds. Kyle conducts research on jail and prison reentry, corrections, policing, rural crime, and the effects of marijuana legalization.

The criminal justice program encompasses a wide range of fields and possible career paths, including policing, private security, counseling, legal, social services, law enforcement, corrections, crime prevention, law and courts, and more. Graduates can become crime analysts, criminal justice policy analysts, researchers, and court administrators.  

The career path for criminal justice majors is limitless. The demand for majors is expected to grow by 10 percent during the next 12 years and the median income ranges from $46–$53,000 depending on location and area of specialization. Graduates of both programs are employed with many federal, state, and local agencies, including New York City Port Authority, Lebanon County Probation and Parole, Pennsylvania State Police (canine handler), Philadelphia Police Department, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania police departments, Federal Aviation Administration (air marshal), United States Secret Service, and Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General.  

Jermaine McQueen is a Lebanon Valley College criminal justice graduate

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Ann Marie Higgins ’11, plays a key role in combatting the heroin and opioid crisis as part of her intelligence analyst supervisor job with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Dr. Kyle Ward, an LVC criminal justice graduate, speaks with his students

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Recognizing the impact faculty research had on him as a student, Dr. Kyle Ward now enjoys mentoring students as an assistant professor at the University of Northern Colorado.

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