LVC Creative Arts Class

The Art & Visual Culture Department Mission

The Department of Art and Visual Culture creates an immersive learning environment where students explore and analyze the diverse world of art. Its mission is to engage, challenge, and inspire students to approach the study of art and material culture with intellectual rigor and consequential practice. With a highly flexible interdisciplinary curriculum and a pedagogical vision that incorporates emergent technologies, we provide a transformative educational space for our students. Our courses allow students and faculty to embark on innovative projects that require high levels of experimentation, self-reflection, critical inquiry, and effective communication. In close collaboration with the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, the department provides the necessary professional readiness for any number of fulfilling careers in the cultural arts. 


Our Goals & Objectives

We will prepare our students to:

  1. Study art and material culture in a historical, intellectual, and cultural context.

    • Examine and compare art and material culture from multiple socio-historical contexts and intellectual traditions.

    • Recognize the significance of the artist in shaping cultural experiences through creative thought and action. 

    • Employ interdisciplinary methods as a way to build intersections between other areas of study, such as philosophy, religion, literature, music, gender studies, and languages.

  2. Combine theoretical and contextual inquiry with creative practice to build critical relevance.

    • Develop a primary idea or concept through the artistic process of experimentation, refinement, critique, and presentation.

    • Integrate research into the practice of art-making by incorporating cultural, philosophical, or social contexts that enrich the critical understanding of the work.

    • Devise and sustain a plan of experimentation or action that is self-reflexive and open to critique.

  3. Develop the intellectual competencies of inquiry, analysis, and critical thinking through written and oral communication.

    • Analyze and interpret art and material culture through visual, oral, and written communication.

    • Engage with and critically evaluate scholarly concepts and viewpoints from multiple disciplines.

    • Plan, synthesize and articulate an independent research project.

    • Develop a portfolio with content that communicates vocational specialization.

  4. Develop an expansive and inclusive worldview of art and material culture that values different perspectives, identities, and concerns.

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the traditions, histories, and values of other cultures through its artistic and material production. 

    • Understand how museums and art galleries preserve and celebrate art through exhibiting cultural diversity.

    • Describe the historical and ethical issues related to the collection and display of art.