Expertise and Adaptability for a Rapidly Changing Industry

A degree in computer science prepares you for a wide range of technical careers, but the landscape is changing quickly. LVC’s Computer Science Program develops technical expertise while also emphasizing the flexibility and foundational skills that will allow you to adapt to new technologies, new platforms, and new ideas long after graduation.

LVC computer science majors begin their studies by laying a firm foundation in computer programming and mathematics. They learn software development skills at the upper level that allow them to tackle large and interesting projects, working independently and in teams. Along the way, they are trained to become independent learners, careful problem solvers, and effective communicators. Our graduates are in demand because they have the hard and soft skills that employers need.

Most LVC computer science students secure paid internships during the summer, gaining valuable industry experience and insight into potential careers, and all are required to complete a professional experience before graduation. Other options include participation in an on-campus app development group.

After graduation, our majors become software developers, data analysts, and more. Our alumni are employed across the nation at companies of every size, including Amazon, Salesforce, WebFX, Lockheed-Martin, Comcast, Candoris, MetLife, Vanguard, and many more. The majority of our students secure job offers well before graduation.

Choose Your Track

At LVC, you have the flexibility to tailor your degree to your interests by choosing a track:

  • Computer Science—A traditional computer science curriculum that focuses on designing and developing software systems.
  • Computer Science + Data Science—Two years of programming and mathematics, followed by a focus on data science, including machine learning and deep learning courses.

Not sure which track you want to follow? We design our majors so that you can change your path during your first couple of semesters at LVC and still graduate in four years. Additionally, many of our students combine their interest in computer science with other disciplines, such as mathematics, actuarial science, or digital communications.

Why Computer Science at LVC? 

  • Hands-On Experience—You need experience to be a successful software developer. You will start writing code on day one at LVC and learn several programming languages through the degree. Through individual and team projects, you will gain the skills necessary to design and implement solutions to challenging problems.
  • Flexibility—Choose from a software development or data science focus to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals. You can also choose which programming languages you study through our independent language learning labs.
  • Internships—Most of our majors earn paid summer internships in the computer science field as part of their professional experience. During these internships, our students work on projects deployed and used by their companies.
  • Career Potential—Our graduates are in demand. Over 90% of our majors have jobs in their desired technical field by graduation, with 100% finding a job within a year.

Rather than specific tools, our professors teach us how to use languages so that we can pick new things up easily. This field and its technologies are constantly changing.

Metz Culinary App Software Developer

Nick Gibbons '19


Median salary for a software developer (2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


of LVC computer & data science graduates receive a job offer within one month of graduation


Projected growth in the field, according to the U.S. Burea of Labor Statistics