Dr. Anderson L. Marsh
Professor of Chemistry
Director of Chemistry Engineering Track

Academic Areas of Expertise:

  • Physical Chemistry

Courses Taught at LVC

CHM 311/312  Physical Chemistry I and II
CHM 321/322  Physical Laboratory I and II
CHM 412  Advanced Physical Chemistry
CHM 302  Environmental Chemistry
COE 217NS  Revolution: The Nanotechnology Age
FYE 111/112 First-Year Experience Seminar

Research Topics:

Surface chemistry and nanoscience as they relate to catalysis, alternative energy, and environmental remediation.

Student and Faculty Research:

Many of the reactions that take place in an industrial setting or out in the environment occur at interfaces. Our work is focused on understanding how the structure of solid surfaces affects their reactivity for the removal of pollutants from wastewater using nanomaterials, during catalysis for environmentally friendly processes, in the interaction of nanomaterials with environmental systems, and in the photochemistry of small molecules on ice films. We prepare materials with selected surface structures and characterize them using microscopy and spectroscopy. We then use these materials in reaction studies. Our end goal is to correlate surface properties with reactivity to design materials that result in a positive impact on our environment.

Professional Leadership & Major Awards

Positions and Awards

  • Thomas Rhys Vickroy Distinguished Teaching Award, Lebanon Valley College, 2013
  • E. Emmet Reid Award in Chemistry Teaching at Small Colleges, ACS Middle Atlantic, 2013
  • 2019 ACS Physical Chemistry Exam Committee

Scholarly Work and Publications


undergraduate co-authors denoted with *

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