Applied History Professor, Diane Johnson, teaches her students

About Applied History at LVC

Our Applied History Program is designed to strengthen your communication, critical thinking, and research skills while broadening your knowledge of past human and societal behavior. Focus your education through a concentration in business, communication, law, public policy, or secondary teacher certification.

Majors choose from among five tracks—History and Business, History and Communication, History and Law, History and Public Policy, or History and Secondary Teacher Certification.

In addition to delving into an array of historical topics, you can specialize your studies based on your interests and career goals while gaining real-world experience through a variety of internship and study abroad opportunities.

Why LVC?

  • Applied history is a distinctive program for students who love history but who are not sure what career they want to pursue yet. LVC’s Applied History program prepares students for graduate study and a wide variety of careers, including law, business, government, education, museum work, and journalism.
  • Our applied history majors choose from one of five tracks, with each starting with “The Business of History” course, which teaches students about the many opportunities open to history majors.
  • Majors will have opportunities to conduct research and present their work with faculty in the College’s Center for Political History, the first of its kind in the United States.
  • Program courses are designed to strengthen students’ communication, critical thinking, and research skills, while broadening their knowledge of past human and societal behavior. Many students do an internship as part of their program.

“Getting to play the role of English Prime Minister David Cameron during the College’s European Union Simulation program in Washington, D.C., was beneficial to my education and professional pursuits. It’s these types of hands-on learning experiences in which you learn how to operate yourself in a professional setting and develop skills in public speaking, negotiations, working in groups and working effectively within time constraints.”

Legislative Assistant, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Katie Yost ’15