Costa Rica

ELIZABETH DRDA '19 | Costa Rica

Elizabeth is a Biology Pre-Med major with minors in Spanish and Chemistry who always wanted to study abroad but wasn't sure she'd be able to with her required courses. She had the opportunity to spend her summer in Costa Rica, so it didn't interfere with her academic plan. Living with host families allowed her to improve her Spanish in an immersive environment, and she hopes to use her Spanish as a future physician. Her favorite parts of the trip were exploring the beautiful natural wonders and spending time with her host families.


ALLISON LIU '21 | Wurzburg, Germany

Allison is an Actuarial Science and Computer & Data Science major with a German minor. She enjoyed the challenges of being totally immersed in a foreign land, surrounded by strangers speaking a foreign language. Her experiences abroad tremendously enriched her understanding of the German culture and language, and her personal identity. She believes study abroad can remind us how much more there is t learn and love in the world in each of our busy lives.


Alli Karavas participates in a study abroad trip in London

ALLI KARAVAS '19 | London, England (Semester)

Alli is a junior English and Sociology double major with a Global Studies minor, and after spending three months in England she feels that studying abroad was without a doubt the best decision she has ever made. The places she visited while abroad have changed her entire perspective of the world and people in it. In her opinion, every college student should experience studying abroad.

Isaac Reese studies abroad in London, England

ISAAC REESE '19 | London, England (Semester)

A Criminal Justice major with a Psychology minor, Issac enjoyed the variety of classes offered in England for his major and minor. He believes that the different people in his classes was a unique opportunity to hear the perspectives of diverse people and how their laws differ around the world. Issac describes traveling as the most exciting part of being abroad, because of cheap airfare and train tickets.


COURTNEY MENGEL '19 | Perugia, Italy (Semester)

Courtney's passion for studying the history of art and research writing led her to become a dual major, and studying abroad it Italy, was like experiencing an interactive textbook. Although she enjoyed the formal classroom setting, the opportunity to see works of art and learn first-hand was the highlight.

MAGGIE KERGICK '19 | Perugia, Italy (Semester)

Maggie is an English and Secondary Education major. To her, one of the most valuable aspects of studying abroad was the opportunity to teach English in an Italian middle school. Outside of her studies, she was able to form lasting friendships and travel to places she'd only ever seen in pictures. She's grateful for her home away from home in Perugia!

Melanie Phifer studies abroad in Perugia, Italy

MELANIE PHIFER '19 | Perugia, Italy (Semester)

Melanie is a Global Studies major and Politics minor, and her main interest is Human Rights. While studying abroad, her favorite moments were those spent making life-long friends and embracing the different cultures of the countries that she had the opportunity to visit.


Brooke Stauffer participates in a study abroad program at LVC

BROOKE STAUFFER '19 | Maastricht, The Netherlands & London, England (Summer)

Brooke is a business major and religion minor, which means that she is constantly learning about how to interact with different types of people. Studying abroad provided her with opportunities to practice her interpersonal skills in situations outside of the classroom. She believe that the study abroad experience is unique for every individual, but that you will undoubtedly learn valuable life skills not offered during an ordinary lesson.

New Zealand

ABIGAIL SAMUELSON '19 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Abby is a Biochemistry major, and science has been an important part of her academic life since high school. While study abroad in New Zealand, she had the opportunity to experience the impacts of science on another culture. Sh had the chance to take a course that introduced her to different forms of experimentation, which she brought with her back to the Valley.

Bryce Larison studies abroad in New Zealand

BRYCE LARISON '19 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Bryce is a junior Business Administration major with minors in Economics and Environmental Studies. During his study abroad experience, he was not only able to get in touch with his hobbit side, but also come away with experiences that he'll never forget. He was fortunate enough to make lifelong friendships with students from nationalities ranging from Dutch to Lebanese. Experiencing the pristine natural world of New Zealand, tramping on active volcanoes, and swimming with dolphins allowed him to experience another way of life and culture that he grew to love and will never forget.

Makenzie Walck studies abroad in Hamilton, New Zealand

MAKENZIE WALCK '19 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Makenzie was a Psychology major prior to her study abroad trip, but when she came home she realized exactly what career she wanted for her career. The very next semester, she added a global studies minor in hopes of pursuing a career as a study abroad director, just like Jill is at LVC. Without New Zealand, she believes that she may have never found her true calling and love for travel.

Maya Calderwood studies abroad in New Zealand

MAYA CALDERWOOD '19 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Maya is an Art and Visual Culture & Digital Communications double major with a concentration in programming. She loved interacting with new people from all over the world during her time in New Zealand, and she felt that she benefited from exposure to different perspectives and ways of life during her experiences abroad.

PEARL WEBER '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Pearl is a Physical Therapy student, and after spending a semester in New Zealand she can say that studying abroad has impacted her life immensely. The places she visited, people she met, meat pies she ate, and self-discovery that was made created the perfect abroad experience for her. Traveling is one of Pearl's passions, and thanks to a LVC this was easily incorporated into her DPT education.

RACHEL ERDMAN '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Rachel is an Exercise Science major who studied abroad in Hamilton, New Zealand. She believes that the entire experience was the best endeavor she has ever undergone, and the people, scenery, and many excursions like zip-lining made it such. Studying abroad is important to Rachel because of the amazing opportunity to explore new cultures and yourself, all while receiving an education.

RACHEL FELICIONE '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Rachel is an Exercise Science major who studied abroad in Hamilton, New Zealand. She believes that the entire experience was the best endeavor she has ever undergone, and the people, scenery, and many excursions like zip-lining made it such. Studying abroad is important to Rachel because of the amazing opportunity to explore new cultures and yourself, all while receiving an education.

SARENA BHASIN '22 | Hamilton, New Zealand

As a Biology major Haley was really interested in taking bio courses in New Zealand that are not offered at LVC, and these classes gave her the chance to see science from another perspective. She is very interested in the nature aspect of biology, and New Zealand gave her the opportunity to experience a variety of unique landscapes. She loved having the chance to explore everything from mountains and black sand to beaches and glow worm caves.


MADIE SZEKERES '19 | Valladolid, Spain

Madie is a Business Administration and Spanish double major with an accounting minor. Studying abroad was a pivotal moment in her life, because she was able to experience real-life in ways that books are not capable of teaching. Not only did her Spanish language skills improve, but she learned about life in another culture which she found extremely rewarding. She is forever grateful to her experience in Spain for her growth as an individual and for enhancing her life.

WILLIAM DOWD '19 | Valladolid, Spain

William is a neuroscience major with a Spanish minor. His courses at LVC have been heavy in elements of biology, chemistry, and psychology, but he was excited to spend a semester In Spain focusing on his minor. While there, he had a number of amazing opportunities including visitng Barcelona, visiting the Prado Art Museum in Madrid, and attending a soccer match. Thanks to the supportive staff and friends in Spain, his experience is one that he will never forget and that he encourages others to pursue.