Thaddeus Project: Humanities and Social Sciences Internship Support

Receive support for unpaid internships or travel and living expenses.

Louise Stevenson, Ph.D., and Philip Zimmerman, Ph.D., P’09 established the Thaddeus Project to convey gratitude for the educational guidance that their daughter, Lila Stevenson Zimmerman ’09, received at LVC. The donors are pleased to offer students in the humanities and select social sciences the opportunity to apply for internship funding to support career preparation. The fund is named the Thaddeus Project in honor of Thaddeus Stevens—U.S. Representative, abolitionist, and promoter of free public education for all.

  • The gift will provide an appropriate wage to compensate students for unpaid internships, or to provide living/travel expenses for students who seek to secure internships that are distant from their homes.
  • The donors’ preference is to support undergraduate junior students, however, funds can be awarded to seniors and sophomores, as well.
  • Student recipients should be majoring in English, History, Art & Visual Culture, Social Justice and Civic Engagement, Medical Humanities, or Music (B.A. only)—or related majors.
  • The internship, secured by recipients in a for-profit or other setting, should emphasize career preparation over rote tasks.
  • Supported internships must be over the summer.
  • Students must submit an application, a budget request (ranging from $500-$4,000), and a recommendation from a supervising faculty member.
  • When the internship is complete, a student must submit to the supervising faculty member a journal, final paper, presentation, project, or portfolio that reflects on the experience. S/he must also reconcile the project budget and return any portion of the grant not used as proposed.

If during a given year, the number of qualified internship applications do not exhaust the entirety of the fund balance available that year, the funds will be rolled forward to the following year’s budget to be used for the same purpose as outlined in above.

To start the application process, please contact Megan Price at to be added to the Canvas site where application materials will be submitted. The application deadline for summer 2023 internships is extended to May 25.