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About The Program

Our Spanish majors—through the study of languages—learn to discern, understand, and respect other cultures, as well as their own. We endeavor to produce graduates who are prepared to engage the diverse, multicultural, and multilingual world in their places of employment, graduate school, and communities.

Students complete some of their coursework in a Spanish-speaking country, which creates an immersive experience. LVC offers a variety of countries to visit and topics to study. The skills developed as a Spanish major offer opportunities in nearly any industry.

Open New Doors: Minor in Spanish

Being a bilingual speech-language therapist will make you an invaluable healthcare professional as the number of Spanish-speaking patients entering the healthcare systems grows each year. Combine a Spanish minor with our five-year, master’s-level Speech-Language Pathology Program to open new doors.  

Combining a speech-language pathology major with a Spanish minor will help you gain competence in Spanish to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and their families; build trust and create empathy with your patients; develop awareness of Hispanic cultures; and expand your employment opportunities globally. The minor requires five courses at LVC, including oral and writing communication and Spanish for Health Care Professionals, as well as an opportunity to study abroad. 

Why LVC?

  • Recent Spanish majors have had extensive opportunities to conduct research and international community service with their faculty in Mexico, Peru, and Puerto Rico, as well as in the local community through innovative academic programs created by department professors.
  • Speaking Spanish gives you an advantage in the national and international job markets. It will open doors to many of the world’s largest international companies.
  • Spanish majors will receive close, personal attention from LVC faculty, and opportunities to study abroad and practice the language at the College’s semester-long programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santo Domingo or Santiago, Chile; or Valladolid, Spain, among others.
  • Majoring or minoring in Spanish, combined with any of LVC’s several health professions majors, will help graduates who go on to medical school become better physicians. Many LVC doctor of physical therapy, biochemistry & molecular biology, and pre-med majors double major or minor in Spanish.  Furthermore, if you are interested in elementary or secondary education, you will find that additional certification in a language significantly enhances employment opportunities.
  • LVC’s Languages Department endeavors to produce graduates who are prepared to engage the diverse, multicultural, and multilingual world in their places of employment, graduate school, and their communities.

A number cannot be placed on the value of the lessons that I learned not only of another culture, but also of my own culture, and of myself.

Attended service-learning trip to Misminay, Peru

Kali Rodgers '17

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