Professors Noelle Vahanian and Jeff Robbins discuss principles of living philosophy with their class

About Philosophy at LVC

Become a critical and analytical thinker by exploring perennial questions of values, knowledge, reality, and human nature. Not simply a way of knowing, even more, philosophy is a way of questioning. 

Graduates are excellently prepared for just about any career choice, and many students combine a philosophy major or minor with work in another discipline. Philosophy’s focus on logic and argumentation makes it an exceptionally strong foundation for law school.

Why Philosophy at LVC?

  • Discover and ask the questions that have characterized the great minds and traditions throughout world history.
  • Learn from faculty who are committed, innovative, award-winning teachers and internationally recognized scholars who have published extensively. They have studied, lectured, and traveled widely throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • Engage with leading scholars and public intellectuals who visit campus.
  • Collaborate with and receive direct instruction from leading national and international figures in the fields of religion and philosophy through the Undergraduate Research Symposium and the E.A.T. Research Group.
  • Through the Transdisciplinary Collective, collaborate with the English and Art & Visual Culture departments on cutting-edge studies in the humanities. The collective is committed to entrepreneurship—to the creation of new learning conditions, curricula, and working environments to address complex and controversial contemporary issues.
  • Transform your natural curiosity into a powerful tool for understanding the challenges of life in the 21st century.

My LVC education, and philosophy training in particular, helped me become comfortable operating in the gray areas, that is, facing complex issues with many variables where there is seldom one right answer.

Director of Client Experience, Geneva Global

Ryan Derfler '04