Test of the Campus Emergency Alert System

LVC will conduct its fall test of its campus emergency alert system Tuesday, Sept. 18 at approximately 10:55 a.m. This is simply a test to make sure the system functions properly. The emergency siren and text messaging system will be activated at that time.

How to Schedule your Audition

There are two ways to audition for the Music program at Lebanon Valley College. Regardless of which method you choose, auditions must be completed by April 1. In order to qualify for talent award consideration, auditions must be completed by Feb. 15.

It is highly recommended that auditions are completed during the fall semester (mid-September through December).

All students applying to LVC as a music major, including: Music Education, Music Business, Audio & Music Production, or Music Performance MUST complete an audition as part of your application.

Option 1: Schedule an Individual Audition

Auditions are heard Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Auditions will not be scheduled Oct. 6–9, Nov. 21–25, Dec. 10–Jan. 18, and March 2–10. Talent award considerations must be completed by Feb. 15. Auditions performed during the fall semester (mid-September to early December) are highly recommended.

Auditions are scheduled by appointment online. If you have any further questions, please contact Trisha Hocker at 717-867-6275.

Option 2: Register for Audition Day

January 29, 2019

Prospective students will have the opportunity on this day to attend an information session with the music faculty, audition, enjoy lunch in the Mund Dining Hall, and receive a campus tour with our Admissions Office. Students should register online. Contact the Music Department at 717-867-6275 for more information.