Professor Sean Droms works with acturial science and mathematics majors at LVC

Actuarial Science at LVC

Student Success Matters

At LVC, we measure the success of the actuarial science program by student outcomes, both while they’re in school and after they graduate.

Of the 47 students who earned a B.S. in Actuarial Science in the last three years:

  • 44 were employed as actuaries within 6 months of graduation. The vast majority accepted job offers well before graduation; a few had them before their senior year even started.
  • 41 held at least one paid internship before graduating, and 12 had two or more.
  • They passed an average of 3.0 exams per graduate. 14 students passed 4 exams each, and one passed 5. All but two passed 2 or more.

Our students continue to be successful once they graduate.

  • Historically, 80% of our graduates earn associateship, and 40% earn fellowship.
  • The median travel time for our graduates is 5.6 years to associateship and 6.8 years to fellowship.
  • In the last 5 years, 82 alumni passed 217 exams and 55 alumni earned 69 credentials.
  • Our alumni are employed at over 100 firms.

We attribute this success to our rigorous programs in which we hold high standards for our students and ourselves. Our students work hard because we work hard. We spend a lot of time with our students. Our suite is designed with study space and a computer lab adjacent to our offices, and we keep our doors open to encourage students to drop in with questions.



Actuarial Science Position

The department invites applications for a tenure-track position that supports our actuarial science program. The teaching load is two courses per semester for the first year and three courses per semester after that.

Our new faculty member will help us develop an actuarial research program. S/he will join us in teaching department and service courses and share our commitment to helping our students achieve their goals by working with them inside and outside the classroom. S/he will also work with us to serve the department and broader campus.

The application process will begin in the fall. In the meantime, please contact Patrick Brewer, director of the Actuarial Science program, at


Working in the Department

We currently have about 150 students majoring in actuarial science, computer and data science, analytical finance, and mathematics. In a school of 1600 students, that's about ten times the national average for percentage of students majoring in mathematical sciences. With the recent addition of our major in analytical finance and a reimagining of the computer and data science curriculum, we expect our department to grow even more in the next several years. Our department’s history and culture of math faculty developing new expertise on the job is what has allowed us to build strong undergraduate programs in several areas.

Each of the eight department faculty members holds a Ph.D. in mathematics. Five of us are tenured, one is pre-tenure, and two are visiting.

Outside of the classroom, we advise students, pursue a variety of scholarly activities, take students to talks or competitions in the area, and participate in the leadership and service of the college. First year faculty are exempt from service duties so that they can focus on teaching and scholarship.


Department Mission

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to the ideals of liberal education. We strive to develop in our students enduring fundamental abilities of effective lifelong learning: precise reading, sound reasoning, and clear communication. More than any particular facts or theories, we emphasize that language, logic and understanding are the heart and true power of mathematics. These principles guide the design and implementation of general education and service courses as well as the curricula for our majors.

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