Interaction Design Concentration

Our Interaction Design concentration focuses at the micro-level, with students learning to design, fabricate, and test objects or wearables that bridge the physical/digital divide. 

The studio classes will be project-based, deal with real audiences and clients, and be inherently interdisciplinary. An emphasis on creating interactive digital and physical objects and wearables would require knowledge of designing for screens as well as of fabrication of networked smart objects, using maker technologies and production methods, of form, of electronics, of programming, and of the use of sensors and other means of input/output. 

To design effective objects, students must integrate these different areas to achieve a desired purpose or effect. These classes will enroll I.EX.D. students and are open to digiCOM students (or others). Internal partners could include athletic training students and faculty. Possible external partners would include area hospitals. Examples of possible projects involve wearable technologies that can track data on athletes or a smart water heater that alerts its owner if sensors detect a water leak. 

 For their concentrations, students would take a minimum of four classes (12 credits), at least three studio classes chosen from their concentration. 

  • IEXD 450 Interaction Design Studio I (3 credits, can be repeated for credit). Every Fall.
    • Prereq: IEXD 350 Prototyping, DCOM 270 Programming and DCOM 271 Databases. 
  • IEXD 451 Interaction Design Studio II (3 credits, can be repeated for credit). Every Spring. 
    • Prereq: IEXD 350 Prototyping, DCOM 270 Programming and DCOM 271 Databases.

Students may substitute one class outside of I.EX.D., with the prior consent of their advisor.