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Politics students are inducted into the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society


EU Simulation

For the tenth year, we participated in the European Simulation in Washington D.C. in November 2017. We had 19 students this year, which topped our previous record. One student played the role of a EU commissioner and helped draft the directive debated at the simulation, and the rest of the group represented heads of government, council ministers, and members of the European Parliament. As usual, they did an outstanding job and enjoyed themselves tremendously! A highlight was attending briefings at the Estonian and Lithuanian embassies on Thursday morning. 

Pi Sigma Alpha Conference 

In February, Dr. Johnson and four students attended the annual Pi Sigma Alpha conference in Washington D.C. LVC has had a chapter of the national honor society in political science since 2014, and we hold a ceremony each spring to induct new members. We are making plans to attend the conference again in February 2018. 



EU Simulation 

At this year's EU Simulation in Washington D.C., our students represented Swedish ministers and parliamentarians, members of the Slovak government (which currently holds the rotating presidency), and European Council President Donald Tusk. With 16 students, it was the biggest LVC group ever. Students debated a proposed directive about the ongoing immigration crisis and Brexit. Once again, our group did a great job playing their roles and made us proud!



EU Simulation 

For the eighth consecutive year, a group of LVC students and faculty traveled to Washington D.C. in mid-November for three days to participate in the Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation. This year we represented Sweden, and in addition to learning a great deal about the country's history and politics, we developed an appreciation for Swedish fish and the music of ABBA. The theme of the year's simulation was current immigration crisis in Europe, which provided for intense debate among the European Commissioners, the European Council, the EU Parliament, and the two Councils of Ministers.

Pennsylvania Historical Association Conference

On Oct. 8-10, LVC hosted the annual PHA conference. This meeting each fall brings together "historians, educators and history buffs" for a wide variety of panels and speakers. Several LVC faculty members and students participated. Congratulations to student Marie Gorman '17 (International Relations, Art & Art History, Spanish), who won third prize in the poster competition for "The College at War: Vietnam–A Time of Subtle Unrest and Institutional Change." Marie did her project in conjunction with Dr. McCoy and other students working on an exhibit for the 150th anniversary of LVC in 2016.

Earth Day 2015

In commemoration of Earth Day 2015, the Lebanon Valley College Sustainability Advisory Committee (co-chaired by History professor Michael Schroeder) sponsored a lively and free-wheeling public debate that pitted Kevin V. Lynn, Communications Division of Linde Corporation (“At the forefront of the Marcellus Gas Industry”) against sociologist, anti-fracking activist, and organic farmer J. Stephen Cleghorn, Ph.D., of Paradise Gardens and Farm in Reynoldsville, Pa. A YouTube video of the event is posted in the Earth Days 2015 archive, accessible via the LVC Sustainability web page.


EU Simulation

For the seventh consecutive year, a group from LVC participated in the Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation in November in Washington D.C. Along with students from a dozen other colleges and universities in the region, we took part in three days of debate over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, commonly called TTIP. This year we played the role of the United Kingdom. As always, the visit to "our" embassy was a highlight of the trip! In 2015, we will represent Sweden as the theme moves to migration and immigration within the EU. 

Symposium on Karl Popper and the Open Society Popper

From September 16-18, 2014 Lebanon Valley College hosted an international symposium in recognition of the 20th anniversary of Karl Popper's death. An innovative innovative intellectual and prominent social and political philosopher, the symposium featured lectures on Popper's philosophical contributions to scientific method, ethics, and social science; the constitutional framework of an open society; and the 100-year crisis of liberalism.



Lebanon Valley College was honored to host the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Middle Atlantic Council on Latin American Studies, held on Friday, March 8 & Saturday, March 9. Dozens of scholars from colleges & universities in the mid-Atlantic region presented their research before their colleagues, as did LVC students Dylan Reed, Kat O'Hara, and Ashley Ferrari.