Internships are invaluable in that they allow students to take the skills they've learned in the classroom and apply them in a professional workplace environment.

  • ENG 099 Portfolio must be completed before a student can apply to receive credit for an internship.
  • To receive academic credit, students must receive permission from the department chairperson and all major advisors and submit the required letters of recommendation to the faculty supervisor.
  • Students must also submit a completed application (available in the registrar's office) to the registrar's office and to the faculty supervisor prior to registration.
  • In addition to any work required at the internship location, during the internship and at its conclusion, students also have responsibilities that serve the academic component.
  • Students have a faculty supervisor as well as an on-site supervisor to help guide them through the process.
  • For every one-semester hour of credit, students must complete a minimum of 45 hours at the internship location.

For ideas and sources for locating an internship, students can go to the Center for Career Development. The English department faculty also often provides details on specific internship openings.

Departmental Honors

English majors with a minimum 3.50 GPA at the end of their junior year also may choose to apply for departmental honors following work produced in ENG/ITG 499 Independent Integrative Research. Details are available from the department chairperson.





Great Jobs for English Majors by Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance by Andrew Morkes