Ken Yarnell, professor of mathematical sciences, discusses a program with his students

About Computer & Data Science at LVC

Our program is different from those housed in statistics programs, which don't often emphasize computer science. Here, you'll become skilled in software development and machine learning, and develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Early on you'll put theory into practice through extra-curricular activities, paid internships, and real-world applications.

Recent graduates of the program have gone on to work for AT&T, GE, Hershey Foods, IBM, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Why Computer & Data Science at LVC?

  • In the software industry, distributed systems and data analytics take center stage. LVC's Computer & Data Science Program prepares you to get your first job in the industry and start contributing right away.
  • Data needs to be acquired and analyzed at high speed and volume. You'll graduate with the skills to delivery great results quickly and shine as a programmer or big data professional.
  • Computational data science is a quickly growing field with a positive long-term outlook. Your LVC computer and data science courses cover today's and tomorrow's topics so employers will compete to hire you.

In my current position as a systems analyst doing software integration at Scientific Research Corporation in Charleston, S.C. I am regularly complimented regarding my ability to learn and adapt quickly. Learning how to comprehend and analyze data paid off.

Double major in computer science and mathematics

Mary Kate Lemon ’15