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Students walk near Mund on Campus.

Lebanon Valley College is introducing three new learning communities to create friendships and support success for our students. Themes will be based around Social Justice, Entrepreneurship, and Exercise Science. This will be the first year of these programs, so we are looking for a select group of excited students. Know that each community will have limited spaces available, so we encourage you to respond as soon as possible to begin to secure a spot.

LLCs create community by enabling students to take a common course while also living together and enjoying social and academic programming relating to the community theme. Students in any LLC can expect to:

  • develop friendships based on common interests
  • enjoy unique social and academic programming
  • have their academic success supported both in and out of the classroom

Note that entrance into these programs provides exciting opportunities, but also entails a commitment. You will live in the residence hall designated for LLC students for your first year, room with another LLC student, and enroll in the courses linked to your LLC. The Exercise Science LLC is by invitation only while the other two communities are open to students in any major.


Entrepreneurship Learning Community

Available to all incoming students who have an interest in running their own business.

Whether it’s starting a new enterprise from scratch, leading innovation initiatives at a multinational organization, or being next in the line of succession at your family business, entrepreneurship means having the skills needed to envision, direct, and orchestrate a business with practical, hands-on leadership.

Programming includes:

  • faculty mentorship
  • coaching by successful area business leaders
  • opportunities as a group to experience the dynamic energy of growing your own business  


Social Justice Learning Community

Available to all incoming students who have an interest in social justice, service, and civic engagement.

As part of this community, students will:

  • Live with peers who are committed to service and care about making a positive difference in the world just like you.
  • Enroll in a First-Year Experience course and immersive learning experience in which you will receive professional and personalized training in how to become an effective change agent in society. Both of these experiences fulfill requirements with the Constellation LVC curriculum (the College’s unique general education program).
  • Meet with faculty mentors and student and community leaders.
  • Engage in open discussions about social and cultural issues of concern
  • Work on a community or campus project of your own choosing.  This is your opportunity to start off college being the person making a difference in the world that you want to be.

Shared courses include FYE 111 Liberty and Justice for All I (Fall semester) and FYE 112 Liberty and Justice for All II and JSTC 180 Organizing for Social Justice (Spring Semester).


Exercise Science Learning Community

Available to select exercise science majors by invitation only.

Are you planning a career in exercise science? Are you passionate about helping clients to improve their overall well-being, through scientifically-based interventions?

Students in the exercise science program will receive full immersion into their first year of college, including academic support that will help them thrive in challenging coursework. LLC students will also establish a network of friends and future colleagues focused on similar professional goals. 

Students in this LLC will:

  • Attend regular academic mentorship meetings with faculty
  • Participate in residence hall study pods organized to support success in your classes
  • Engage in fun social activities to form a community of support and friendship.

Courses linked to this LLC include a designated First-Year Experience section.


I'm Interested! 

Students should watch their email for registration forms related to the living learning communities. If you are interested in one of these communities and did not receive a registration form, please email

Questions about the opportunities associated with each community can be directed to Dr. Jeff Robbins ( for Social Justice, Dr. Treva Clark ( for Entrepreneurship, and Dr. Diego Ferreira ( for Exercise Science.