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Students walk near Mund on Campus.

Designed for curious and engaged students who want to follow their passion, Lebanon Valley College is introducing three new learning communities for first-year students enrolling for Fall 2020. 

You will join a cohort of first-year students who live and attend some classes together while participating in a program designed to ease your transition to college life, enhance your academic performance, provide opportunities for engagement and networking, and improve your overall student experience. These cohorts will offer a built-in community of learners and a current and future professional network.


Learning Communities 

The Entrepreneurship Learning Community is available to accounting, business administration, digital communications,  economics, and open majors with an interest in entrepreneurship and business-related fields. Shared courses for this community include:

  • Fall semester: 
    • FYE 111 Introduction to the First-Year Experience I
    • BUS 130 Modern Business Organizations
  • Spring semester:
    • FYE 112 Introduction to the First-Year Experience II
    • ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics

The Health Science Learning Community is available to select exercise science majors. Shared courses for this community include:

  • Fall semester:
    • FYE 111 Introduction to the First-Year Experience I
    • EXSC 101 Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Spring semester:
    • FYE 112 Introduction to the First-Year Experience II
    • EXSC 102 Anatomy & Physiology II

The Honors Program is our third learning community. Students are invited to participate in the Honors Program based on a variety of criteria. More information about the program is available here.


Learning Community Benefits

  • Living with other students who share your interests and academic goals
  • Participating in activities and experiences related to your interests
  • Living with a Resident Assistant with similar interests who have already taken the classes you are enrolled in and can serve as a mentor
  • The opportunity to participate in study groups, collaborate on projects, and receive academic support right in your residence hall 
  • Networking opportunities with leaders in your interest area


Things to consider

All members of each learning community will live together. That means that both you and your roommate will participate in the same learning community. There will be an opportunity to chat with the other students who are interested, which will give you an opportunity to choose your roommate. If you prefer, we will select a roommate for you based on the information you put on your housing preference form.


I'm Interested! 

Students can indicate their interest in the Entrepreneurship Learning Community or Health Science Community on their Housing Form. Once your enrollment deposit is paid, your Housing Form and other enrollment paperwork will appear in your LVC application portal under the Forms/Info tab.

Contact the Office of Residence Life at or 717-867-6230 with any questions.