Jacquelyn McBride '24

Major: ACS Chemistry and Technical Writing

"I had to make a college decision that would change the course of my life during one of the biggest global pandemics in history. I was scared; I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. This honors group was one of the only certainties I experienced throughout this pandemic, and I could not imagine my life any other way. Whether we were Zoom calling over the summer to get to know one another, or just sitting and talking in the hallway after move-in, we have all bonded through our unique circumstances this year."

Jacquelyn McBride


Rory Reiley '24

Major: Actuarial Science

"Being in the Honors program has—and I’m not exaggerating—changed my entire college experience. It has given me a place and a community where I feel at home. Everyone has been so incredibly kind and welcoming as we all go through this challenging new transition. Coming from a small school, it feels comforting to be a part of a family-like group, one that I wouldn’t trade for anything."


Rory Reiley


Brandon Bauer '24

Major: Computer and Data Science

"The honors community has allowed me to reach out to other students with the aspirations to truly impact the community they reside in. They not only have the aspirations, but the ability, determination, and resilience to pursue their goals no matter the adversity. I truly believe this is the community I have been looking for and want to help foster."

brandon bauer



Kaylee Haws '24

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

"At first, I was nervous that I was not the proper “material” for an honors program. Personally, I have always thought that I was never smart enough to be considered an “honors kid.” But,, meeting the other students involved in the program made me feel accepted and that I belonged. It is wonderful how there is an excellent representation of a lot of the majors at LVC. Hearing how passionate everyone is about their majors and how excited they are to get involved on campus made me even more excited to be at college."

Kaylee Haws