Jeff Remington, adjunct instructor for Lebanon Valley College’s Master of Science in STEM Education Program, is a highly acclaimed and influential teacher who brings to bear more than 20 years of educating LVC’s graduate students to become the next educational leaders.

Remington teaches science at Palmyra Area Middle School and uses a combination of workforce development and 21st-century skills in his lessons. “I connect the dots of seemingly random aspects of life, learning, and jobs and show how they are applicable to a teacher’s classroom practice,” said Remington.

This teaching effectiveness is enhanced by Remington’s involvement at the state and national level in the field. He serves on numerous boards and committees focused on the future of work and teaching, including the Pennsylvania Labor & Industries Youth Workforce Development Committee and the Steering and Content Committees for the Pennsylvania State Board of Education’s STEM standards revisions. He has served on Penn State College of Medicine’s Biosafety and Recombinant DNA Committee for more than 10 years. He is also actively involved as a National STEM Teacher Ambassador and with STEM Revolution Training, and was a Global Teacher Prize semi-finalist—one of just five in the U.S.

Remington developed his skills and discovered his zeal for learning through coaching and training during his studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his B.S. in secondary science education, and at Pennsylvania State University where he received his M.Ed. in adult training and development. “I was able to leverage those skills to become a teacher, trainer and coach,” explained Remington, “I’ve applied what I learned during my master’s around the world doing teach-training for school systems and governments,” added Remington.

Through years of experience and countless hours of coaching and training, Remington continues to inspire the new age of teachers. “I want to make their work relevant to the big picture of the quality of life for the next generation and to help them become good stewards of the planet and people on it,” said Remington. He ties in elements of Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, and Computational Thinking in his courses to teach his students the capacity to solve local and global issues.

“I enjoy being an advocate and to share that skill and art form with others,” said Remington, who makes personal connections with all his students through growth mindset feedback, coaching, and mentoring. “I love what I do, and I love to educate others and share my learning.”