Producing Educators/Educational Leaders Since 1866

Since enrolling future educators in its first class in 1866, Lebanon Valley College has produced countless teachers, innovators, and educational administrators. Using that history of excellence as its foundation, the College created its Master of Education Program (M.Ed.) to meet educators’ classroom and professional needs in any discipline. The LVC M.Ed. program is convenient and affordable for educators looking to integrate current educational trends and pedagogies into their K-12 classrooms. The program’s modular design, which includes the option to earn a stand-alone certificate(s), follows current educational trends, combined with the flexibility to help you achieve your goals.

Master of Education Program Structure

LVC Master of Education

1. Two Certificates

Complete two, 12-credit certificates (see list of options below). The concentration focus enables learners to solely earn a 12-credit certificate or earn two certificates on their way to the master's degree in education.

2. Two Core Courses

Students must complete two, 3-credit foundational courses to earn the degree. Core courses are based on the certificates chosen, as certificate requirements cannot meet core requirements. View core courses below.

3. Culminating Project

The program culminates in a project that highlights accomplishment in your area of study.

Master of Education Program Requirements

Certificates (24 credits)

The LVC M.Ed. includes five certificates that provide educators with a holistic approach toward implementing a socially and culturally diverse learning environment for their students (new concentrations are added as educational trends change or as requested by area school districts):

*Meets requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education endorsement

Core Courses (6 credits)

EDU 804 is required as a core course for all M.Ed. students. Additional core courses will be chosen based on students' certificate choices. Core courses cannot meet a core and certificate requirement for a student.

  • EDU 804 Research Methods in Education
  • EDU 850 Curriculum Principles and Processes
  • EDU 852 Social and Cultural Diversity in Education
  • EDU 840 Introduction to Designing Online Environment
  • EDU 861 Family, Community, and Agency Collaboration

If a student is completing the Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness and Comprehensive Curriculum and Assessment Certificates, EDU 804, EDU 840, and EDU 841 will meet the necessary requirements due to overlapping requirements in the two certificates.

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