MBA students may withdraw from a course with no penalty prior to the second meeting of the course in any given term. There will be no tuition due and any tuition paid for the course prior to the second class will be refunded in full. The course will not appear on the student's academic transcript. Tuition will be refunded according to the College's tuition refund policy.

Students may withdraw a course after this period up to the first two-thirds of the course. In such cases, a “W” will be noted on the academic transcript in place of a grade and tuition will be refunded according to the College’s tuition refund schedule.

Any MBA student who wishes to drop or withdraw from courses for which he or she is registered must notify the MBA Office. The effective date of the drop/withdrawal is the date which the student notifies the MBA Office and remits a written request.

Failure to give notice of withdrawal will result in a failing grade. Notifying the instructor does not constitute as an official drop/withdrawal. A refund schedule based on official withdrawal date is available on the business office website. Part-time students receiving federal financial assistance (Title IV) will receive a refund according to federal policy.