Accelerate your admissions process.

Are you ready to leverage your LVC undergraduate degree by growing your professional skills and expanding your knowledge? If so, consider enrolling in one of LVC’s Graduate and Professional Studies Accelerated Alumni Admission programs through our quick admit process.

The Accelerated Alumni Admission process is free and straightforward for LVC alumni and students in their last year of undergraduate study at LVC. We know you already have what it takes to succeed at The Valley, so we made it easy for you to apply—no need to request your LVC transcript, no deposit, etc. Simply submit your online application and include a résumé and brief personal statement, and the graduate admissions team will take it from there.

Why apply to the Accelerated Alumni Admission Program?

Now that you have completed your undergraduate degree, it is time to capitalize on the flexibility and autonomy created by obtaining an LVC graduate degree or professional certificate. The accelerated alumni admission program will simplify the application process, but the ease does not stop there! 

Committing to a graduate program may seem daunting, so our programs are created with professional and personal commitments in mind. Your program director and faculty will work with you to provide personalized support and guidance throughout the program.

With this program, you are granted 7 years to complete all degree requirements for a master’s program. Still unsure? Consider a certificate program where 100% of the courses fulfill master's degree requirements. Various scholarships, awards, and fellowships are available. 


To be eligible for the quick admit guarantee, applicants must meet the graduate program-specific minimum requirements and submit supporting documentation as required by program. To view the admission criteria, visit the program page.