Kat O'Hara presents her work at the annual Inquiry Symposium

Students of every major work side-by-side with professors and peers to seek answers to the biggest questions, preparing themselves with skills and experiences that translate to success in graduate school—or anything else. Through innovative programs, generous funding, and creative thinking, LVC makes it possible for students who are interested in research to get involved. These are just a few of the gateways to research at LVC:

  • Arnold Grants: Awards up to $50,000 each year—grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 per student—to fund such high-impact experiences as collaborative student/faculty research, independent student summer research, and independent student internships.
  • Research First: A 40-hour/week paid summer program in the sciences for top scholars that provides opportunities for incoming freshmen to work with LVC faculty/student research teams before they even start classes.
  • Inquiry Symposium: An annual, week-long celebration of the scholarly, scientific, and creative achievements of LVC students.