General Education

The College’s commitment to the ideals of liberal learning, commonly referred to as General Education, is realized in curricular and co-curricular experiences that develop the knowledge, competencies and attitudes typically associated with a liberal arts undergraduate education.  General Education prepares learners for citizenship in a rapidly changing, diverse and fragile world.  It further prepares them for more specialized education in graduate or professional schools.

The general education requirements at LVC aim to have students

  • Apply and integrate their knowledge,
  • Enhance their intellectual and practical skills,
  • Develop intercultural literacy and competence. 

In order to ensure the breadth of a liberal arts education and expose learners to diverse disciplines, students are required to complete coursework in communications, intercultural studies, disciplinary perspectives, and liberal studies, those academic disciplines that have served as a foundation for undergraduate education at Lebanon Valley College for nearly 150 years.  

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Students will demonstrate, interpret and apply knowledge of fundamental concepts, methods and content in disciplines central to liberal learning.
  • Students will synthesize knowledge and integrate learning in coursework and experiential opportunities.

Intellectual and Practical Skills

  • Students will communicate effectively in both writing and speech.
  • Students will accurately interpret representations of quantitative data and create truthful representations to deepen understanding and inform debate and decision-making.
  • Students will critically analyze and evaluate information, ideas, issues and artifacts.
  • Students will design, evaluate and implement problem-solving strategies and propose plausible solutions.
  • Students will find and use information from a variety of credible, authoritative sources.
  • Students will analyze and evaluate ethical norms and perspectives.

Intercultural Literacy and Competence

  • Students will recognize and negotiate differences and relationships among individuals, groups, and institutions in a multicultural and global society.

Graduating seniors and LVC alumni agree that their undergraduate education developed their written and oral communication skills as well as their abilities to think critically, integrate knowledge, and make informed decisions.