COVID Information

Please visit the link below for the latest information about the coronavirus outbreak. There are no known cases of the disease at Lebanon Valley College.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Synthesize and Integrate Knowledge

Students will:

  • Understand how a variety of disciplines approach knowledge
  • Integrate different ways of approaching problems
  • Demonstrate their learning in experiential contexts


Enhance Intellectual and Practical Skills

Students will:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and use strong evidence
  • Understand and can explain quantitative information
  • Create solutions to complex problems
  • Locate, evaluate, and use information skillfully


Develop Intercultural Competence

Students will:

  • Recognize the complexity of other cultures
  • Evaluate solutions to global challenges using multiple cultural contexts
  • Understand the interconnectedness of language and culture, and communicate in a second language