Connective Experience

Collaboration and Diversity

Employers value those who can collaborate, work across difference, and value diversity. Connective Experiences will prepare you well by helping you learn to consider issues from multiple viewpoints and fields of study.

You’ll choose a topic of interest and explore it from three angles. Each of the three courses you’ll take explores the topic from a specific disciplinary perspective, or path of inquiry, including the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. You’ll also create a project that synthesizes and integrates the perspectives these classes offer.

“Connective Experience was really fascinating and fun. What makes it so special is being able to choose which topic each of your classes is based around. I’m interested in the topic of gender roles in society. Combining that with the natural sciences, disciplines I don’t encounter often, made the course much more engaging. Combining the information I learned throughout each discipline into one integrative project created meaningful connections among the courses.” —Megan Finlan ’21, English major and Valley Ambassador