MAY 10

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The special interest flagpole provides a forum for LVC student groups and academic departments to fly a temporary flag representing a special event, celebration, or campus awareness campaign (e.g. kick-off of Relay for Life, Founder’s Day of Greek organization, solidarity with a country recovering from a disaster). The sponsoring organization or department is solely responsible for the content and message of the flag. Special interest flags must be consistent with LVC’s mission and may not violate federal/state/local law or any LVC policy.



The special interest flagpole is located in the gazebo area in the social quad outside of Mund College Center. At the base of the flagpole is a display case that holds the special interest flag information sheet.


Who May Request

  1. LVC student council recognized/funded clubs or organizations.
  2. LVC academic department or administrative office-sponsored organizations.
  3. LVC clubs or organizations that have a faculty advisor.



  1. Group must provide a written special interest flag request to the Committee for Inclusive and Intercultural Learning at least two weeks prior to the flag flying date. The Committee for Inclusive and Intercultural Learning will review the request.  Final approval will be communicated by the Vice President of Student Affairs to the authorized representative.
  2. First come, first served.
  3. Requests should include:
    1. contact name and information
    2. the sponsoring group name and club advisor name(if applicable)
    3. a short rationale for flying the flag
    4. dates requested for flying of the flag
    5. an 8 ½ x 11 flag information sheet for display with the flag which should include:
      1. Name of sponsoring group/organization/department
      2. Rationale for flying of the flag
      3. Picture of the flag
      4. Name of group/organization/club
      5. Name of club advisor (if applicable)
  4. Submission of a special interest flag request does not guarantee approval. As stated above, flag content and messaging must be consistent with LVC’s mission and may not violate federal, state, or local law, or any LVC policy.
  5. Upon approval, the group must contact facilities services for the raising and lowering of their flag. At least two representatives of the sponsoring group should be present for both the flag raising and the lowering.
  6. The college is not responsible for flag theft or damage.


The Flag

  1. Promotes or commemorates an event, celebrates an awareness week/month, or raises awareness of an issue. 
  2. Is provided by the club/group/organization, at its own cost.
  3. Is professionally made with grommets, no smaller than 3’ x 5’, no larger than 5’ by 8’ (LVC international flag dimensions are currently 4’ x 6’).



  1. A maximum of two flags may be flown at one time.
  2. Flags will be flown for up to 30 days.*
  3. If there are conflicting celebratory periods; consensus will determine the outcome.

*Priority will be given to a flag that corresponds to a celebratory period.  If a conflict occurs, a celebratory flag may be temporarily lowered.



Questions related to this special interest flag request policy should be directed to:

Jill Russell, Director of Global Education and Co-Facilitator of the Committee for Inclusive and Intercultural Learning
Center for Global Education

Dr. Renata Williams, Assistant Dean for Engagement and Inclusion and Director of Intercultural Affairs & Inclusive Programming
Office of Student Affairs