Test of the Campus Emergency Alert System

LVC will conduct its fall test of its campus emergency alert system Tuesday, Sept. 18 at approximately 10:55 a.m. This is simply a test to make sure the system functions properly. The emergency siren and text messaging system will be activated at that time.

The IIL strives to create a sustained culture that is aware, accepting, and enhanced by the rich cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and physical abilities on campus, with particular focus on groups who have been historically marginalized.

All LVC faculty, staff, and students are eligible for membership on the IIL. The committee shall consist of four faculty members, four staff members, two undergraduate students, one member of the Board of Trustees, and the executive assistant to the president (ex-officio). One student will be appointed by the Student Government Association and one by the College president. Staff representatives can be from any of the College's administrative departments or offices, or selected in consultation with the president. Faculty members will be selected and appointed by the dean of the faculty in consultation with the steering committee. All members have full and equal voting rights regarding recommendations out forth by the IIL and no member can serve more than three consecutive academic year terms. Half of the voting members will constitute a quorum. 

LVC's president shall appoint two co-facilitators to serve the IIL committee. Committee members will recommend and influence the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and programs to build a fully inclusive, diverse, and equitable learning community at Lebanon Valley College.

The committee will be responsible for maintaining official minutes and files, and communicating progress to the campus community.

2016-17 Goals and Charge

Symposium on Inclusive Excellence

Plan and implement the annual Symposium on Inclusive Excellence and one additional program.


Report on actionable goal: Planned and implemented the 4th annual Symposium on Inclusive Excellence and one additional program.  This year’s Symposium attendance was the largest in the history of the event, due in part to utilizing student suggestions and feedback in selection of speakers and topics. The entire day was reserved for educational sessions that inspired dialogue, a featured keynote speaker, and community lunch. This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. Charles H.F. Davis, director of higher education research and initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education.

President's Fund for Inclusive Excellence

Develop submission and approval process for the President's Fund for Inclusive Excellence and make recommendations to the president for funding projects and initiatives. 


Report on actionable goal: Developed submission and approval process for the President’s Fund for Inclusive Excellence and made recommendations to the President for funding projects and initiatives.  These initiatives included: The International Food Festival, Intergroup Dialogue Facilitator Training, LVC’s Career Closet, and Musical Alliance Workshops with Stephen Wade and professional development modules through Penn’s Institute of Race and Equity for 20+ members of the LVC. 

Bias Incident Reporting

Investigate and recommend strategies for reporting and response to bias incidents. 


Report on actionable goal: Investigated strategies and models for reporting and responding to incidents of bias. The members of the IIL will continue research over summer 2017 and will propose a model for campus adoption during the fall 2017 semester.

Community Development

Assist and support community development opportunities around intercultural, global, and inclusive learning.


Report on actionable goal: Assisted and supported community development opportunities around intercultural, global and inclusive learning.  A special interest flag policy was drafted and approved. The policy established a special interest flagpole that provides a forum for LVC student groups and academic departments to fly a temporary flag representing a special event, celebration, or campus awareness campaign.


Assist and support programming that promotes a fully inclusive, diverse, and equitable learning community.


Report on actionable goal: Assisted and supported programming that promotes a fully inclusive, diverse, and equitable learning community. The ILL worked in conjunction with other campus offices to create policy around the submission and use of preferred names and pronouns for all members of the campus community. The policy was approved by senior staff and endorsed by the faculty in spring 2017.

Designed a self-nomination process for one of the two student members of the IIL. This allowed for any students to articulate their vision and passion for service to the committee.

Inclusive Excellence Resources

In consultation with the marketing and communications division, manage and update resources on the College's Inclusive Excellence webpage.


Report on actionable goal: In consultation with the Marketing and Communications division, managed and updated resources on the College’s Inclusive Excellence webpage. Additionally, the campus events calendar now allows users to select and view upcoming events categorically, including events pertaining to inclusive excellence and global education.

2017–2018 Goals and Charge

Inclusive Excellence Guiding Principles

Explore and propose a set of guiding principles that affirms the institutional commitment to inclusive excellence.


Use a global diversity and inclusion exercise/audit to benchmark other institutions, LVC affiliates and vendors.

Bias Response Reporting

Implement protocols for responding to campus reports of bias.

Community Education

Take a leadership role in educating the community of the culture of LVC and be proponents to institutional change.


Increase Visibility of IIL through – various forms communications:          

  • Resources for students
  • Quarterly newsletter / fact sheet
  • Symposium series beyond one-day format

Committee Membership


Dr. Rob Carey, associate professor of biology
Dr. Cona Marshall, assistant professor of africana studies
Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, assistant professor of business administration, co-facilitator
Dr. Joseph Murphy, director and assistant professor of athletic training


Nicole Berkhimer, digital strategist
Charlie Grimes, head men's soccer coach
Donna Miller, instruction and reference librarian
Jill Russell, director of global education, co-facilitator
Todd Snovel, director of student engagement
Renata Williams, director of intercultural affairs and inclusive programming

Students and Ex-Officio

Lu Chen ’18, biology major, chemistry and spanish minor
Tori Ward ’19, audio & music production major
Molly O'Brien-Foelsch, chief communications officer