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Please take a moment to help us better understand your needs. Any information you post here will be reviewed by the Director of the Center for Writing and Tutoring Resources and passed along to your tutor.

*Note: The Writing Center has open desk hours 7-9 p.m., Monday through Thursday in the Lebegern Learning Commons (lower-level of Mund) starting on Sept. 7. You do NOT need to submit a request for this. There will be two tutors on duty and available to help any walk-ins.

Peer Tutoring provides study pods for various accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, math, and physics courses. You do NOT need to submit a request to attend the pods. Simply show up at the designated time and classroom. Click here for more information about study pods.

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*Why are you experiencing difficulty with this course? (e.g. lack of motivation, lack of self-discipline, anxiety, understanding directions, organizing thoughts, note-taking, etc.)

*If you are seeking a peer tutor, describe your study system (e.g. recopying notes, reading text before and after class, making flashcards, discussing topics with classmates… etc.) If you are seeking a writing tutor, describe your writing process (e.g. outlining, brainstorming, just sitting down and writing, etc.)

*Approximately how much time PER WEEK outside the classroom do you spend on this course doing homework and/or studying?

*How is your class attendance?