Employment Opportunities

At the end of each semester, The LVC Writing Center is interested in recruiting committed, qualified, and willing individuals to add to our staff of writing tutors. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or better and be recommended to us by two faculty members, one in the major and one outside the major in order to be considered for employment.

If you like to write and talk about writing with others who do likewise, if you feel that you would be an asset to our organization because you like to help others with their writing, or if you want more information, please stop by the Writing Center to pick up an application.

Tutoring Pay Information

Tutors will be paid $7.75 per hour for tutoring, staff meetings, and training sessions. It is therefore imperative that the tutor time and activity reports be entered into the database immediately after a session. The Writing Center's Student Administrative Assistant will inform all tutors about payroll dates for fall and spring semesters.