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Grayson Copeland graduated from Dalton State College with honors and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in December 2012. It is there that she wrote "Magnolia Secrets" along with other pieces of fiction. Having various interests, she has considered career paths ranging from Egyptology to Cardiology, and ultimately set a goal of obtaining a PhD in Cultural Studies. Grayson drinks too much coffee, believes in writing whenever she can, and is currently applying to graduate school.


Jenna Dutton is a senior at Lebanon Valley College double majoring in English Literature and English Communications. On campus, Jenna serves as the co-editor of the school newspaper, La Vie Collegienne, the secretary of both Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and the Wig and Buckle Theatre Company, and the president of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. Her academic interests include young adult fiction, Shakespeare, gender studies, and postmodernism. Upon receiving her bachelor's degree, Jenna plans to pursue a career in publishing.


Christine Kelley is a senior English Literature and History student at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania.  She is currently working on a Sylvia Plath exhibit for the Lancaster Literary Guild in memory of the 50th Anniversary of the poet's death.  Also, she has recently been published in her school's literary journal Fine Print and has presented her paper "Walt Whitman the Wound Dresser: The Poet's Civil War Years" at the Susquehanna University Conference.  She plans to earn her PhD and teach at the college level.  In the meantime, she is applying for internships in journalism or publishing.


Brittanie Lewis, the winner of the VHR's high school scholarship contest, is currently a high school senior at Fred C. Beyer High School in Modesto, California. While not certain where she will attend college, she ultimately hopes to double-major in History and Education while continuing her study of French. Brittanie intends to pursue graduate studies to obtain a PhD and would like to teach at a university. 


Thai Matthews is currently a junior at Wellesley College, majoring in English while pursuing diverse research interests that include American Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and literature of the Victorian age, all with special attention to the power of narrative in both visual and literary arts. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, she anticipates attending graduate school with the goal of obtaining a PhD in one of the aforementioned areas while simultaneously pursuing creative writing. This is her first published academic work.


Tyler Reinbold recently completed a BA in English Education with a minor in philosophy at Lebanon Valley College.  Currently employed as a high school English teacher, his major interests include critical theory, European intellectual history and comparative literature. Although he intends to pursue graduate work in the future, for the present he remains focused on providing challenging and unconventional learning experiences for secondary education students.


Melissa Unger recently graduated from Duquesne University with degrees in English and Secondary Education. While a student, she worked at her university's writing center and participated in campus ministry, education programs, and events within the English department. She plans to teach middle school Language Arts.


Jacqueline Weaver is a senior at Duquesne University, majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. In addition to working at Duquesne's Writing Center, Jacki has also completed a minor in Theology and has taken a number of creative writing courses. Following her 2013 graduation, Jacki plans to pursue a career as a high school English teacher.


Emma Wolin is a second year Art History and Gender Studies student at the New College of Florida. Her interests include feminist theory, film, and German language and culture. She plans on pursuing a PhD in Art History upon graduation.


Marsha Wonnacott is a senior undergraduate studying English Teaching at Brigham Young University. Originally from Ridgecrest, California, her interests include sociolinguistics and classroom technology. After completing her BA at BYU, she plans to begin a career as a high school English teacher and eventually pursue her MA.


David Yasenchak is a senior at Lebanon Valley College, majoring in Studio Art and Art History.  He is a prolific visual artist who creates intricate, largely improvised works in a variety of media, including pen and ink, woodcut, pastel, and acrylic. Currently, he is curating an exhibition at the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery that will study the cultural functions of depictions of the human figure.  David is also developing an interdisciplinary honors thesis that questions the hierarchical nature of the object.  After completing his undergraduate studies, David intends to continue to create work while pursuing an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

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