E.A.T. Initiative


E.A.T. (Engage, Analyze, Transform) is a student-centered research group sponsored by the President’s Innovation Fund.  The interdisciplinary research undertaken by E.A.T. has two goals:  to improve the dining experience for students, and to dissolve the boundaries between the dining and academic spaces on campus.  Specifically, E.A.T. will use data-driven research to assess and promote the goals of ethical reasoning, understanding of diversity, and environmental stewardship.

Thus, sustainability is one of our core objectives and is central to two of our current projects:

1. “Experience More / Waste Less” is the project directed by Ashley Smith ’15. The ultimate goals of this research project include: encouraging students to be more mindful about wasting food; informing students of the short-term & long-term consequences of unsustainable eating habits; and getting students to develop more sustainable eating habits in the long run (altering students’ intrinsic motivations). For more information about the project and to view the data from Fall ’13, visit: http://www2.lvc.edu/eat/current-projects/experience-more-eat-less/

2. “Environmental Ethics” is a course taught by Dr. Robert Valgenti during spring semester 2014. The eight students in the class will develop a sustainability project connected to the E.A.T. initiative and designed to impact sustainability practices in the dining hall.

For more about the course and the project, visit: http://www2.lvc.edu/eat/phl-311-enviro-ethics/

To learn about all of the E.A.T. initiatives and to follow the E.A.T. blog, please visit: http://www2.lvc.edu/eat