Class of 2014 Gift Drive

What is the Class of 2014 Gift Drive?

The Class of 2014 Gift Drive gives you the opportunity to support to the community that has supported you for four years and say thank you to LVC for all the memories it has given you. 

What can I support?

Support whatever made an impact on you. Give to where your passions lie, and make LVC possible for another student. Areas of designation include The Valley Fund, scholarships and financial aid, academic departments, athletics, cultural activities, High-impact Experience Fund for Students, and President’s Innovation Fund for Faculty.

Will our gifts really make a difference?

Absolutely! Your gifts provide future students with the same opportunities you have enjoyed. You will truly make LVC possible for another student.

What is the goal for the Class of 2014 Gift Drive?

The dollar goal for the Class of 2014 is to raise $3,000 in donations from 25% of the class participation.

Our class also has a unique opportunity to secure additional support for LVC through the generosity of Woodrow “Skip” Dellinger, LVC Class of 1962. Mr. Dellinger made a gift of $1,000 in honor of the Class of 2014 to kick-off our campaign! He has generously agreed to match our class' monetary donations if we reach 25% participation and another $1,000 if we reach our goal of 50% of the class making a gift!

Your participation, with a gift in any amount, could help to provide $3,000 to LVC!

How do I make a gift to the Class of 2014 Gift Drive?

Donations in the form of cash, check, or credit card will be accepted. Seniors may fill out a Class of 2014 Gift Drive Form with their information and donation. Click here to print a gift drive form. Checks can be made out to Lebanon Valley College.

Seniors also have an opportunity to make a gift via email, mail, and at events hosted by the Class of 2014 Gift Drive Committee throughout the fall and spring semester.

To make a gift online, please click on the link below. | Print Senior Gift Drive Donation Form



Please direct any questions to Shaylene Scheib ’07, assistant director of annual giving, at or by calling 717-867-6324.

A special thank you to the Class of 2014 Gift Drive Committee: Tito Valdes, Savana Kalnoski, Kelsey Robinson, McKenna Snyder, Corinne Denny, James Schleper, Greg Seiders, Erin Rider, Noelle Brossman, Alicia Hain, Koratrona Evans.

Progress Toward Goal of 110 Donors: 102 donors, 23.7% participation
Ms. Nicole Abbamont
Mr. David M. Anthony
Mr. Dominic J. Baldoni
Mr. Chadd Baldwin
Mr. Corey J. Baldwin
Mr. Marquis D. Bey
Mr. Hayden M. Beyler
Mr. Kyle P. Bicher
Ms. Sarah E. Black
Mr. Kyle A. Blake
Ms. Aubrey E. Bly
Ms. Jena L. Bogovich
Mr. Eliott A. Bonds
Mr. Kyle B. Brockman
Mr. Richard E. Brodbeck
Ms. Melissa L. Brosious
Ms. Noelle D. Brossman
Ms. Rosemary L. Bucher
Mr. Tyler A. Canonico
Ms. Susanna Chehata
Ms. Juleanne E. Conrad
Mr. Michael E. Cripps
Mr. Stephen D. Dietrich
Mr. Matthew E. Dwyer
Ms. Rachel N. Engleman
Ms. Koratrona B. Evans
Mr. Nathan S. Felty
Mr. Brian F. Frasca
Mrs. Melanie S. Gamble
Ms. Meghan J. Gerberich
Ms. Christie L. Graf
Mr. Elliott D. Granito
Ms. Kara A. Gunderman
Ms. Alicia N. Hain
Mr. Zachariah J. Halpin
Ms. Brittany L. Harshman
Ms. Megan E. Hayes
Ms. Kara M. Heavel
Ms. Claire E. Hejnas
Mr. Matthew W. Henly
Ms. Jennifer Herb
Ms. Haley M. Hercik
Mr. Jordan T. Higgins
Ms. Jordan E. Hinkle
Ms. Julia E. Hurley
Ms. Savana E. Kalnoski
Ms. Patricia D. Keefer
Ms. Rebekka M. Kiefer
Ms. Allison C. Korns
Ms. Erica M. Kozlowski
Ms. Holly N. Landes
Ms. Alexis J. Lelii
Mr. Douglas R. Lester
Mr. Jason R. Long
Mr. Isaiah S. Luck
Ms. Kirstin Lutz
Ms. Katelyn R. Mackey
Ms. Kaitlyn A. McDonald
Ms. Lindsey P. McKissick
Ms. Katherine A. Mearig
Ms. Alyssa A. Miller
Mr. Thomas M. Miskimins
Ms. Stephanie A. Monico
Mr. Michael Moore
Ms. Alyse N. Morgan
Ms. Sarah A. Moskalow
Ms. Meghan J. Muccilli
Mr. Anthony N. Muscio
Ms. Amanda J. Nein
Mr. Jacob J. Occhiogrosso
Mr. Owen J. Olson
Ms. Corinne E. Palombo
Mrs. Melissa L. Pavone
Ms. Spenser R. Prichard
Mr. Justin Radanovic
Ms. Erin E. Rider
Ms. Kelsey E. Robinson
Mr. Adrian Rodriguez
Ms. Betty A. Ross
Ms. Hannah E. Salapa
Ms. Taylor C. Saraiva
Mr. James H. Schleper
Mr. Nicholas C. Sellmayer
Ms. Kelsey A. Shankroff
Ms. Karly E. Siffin
Mr. Alex J. Sliazis
Mr. Dylan T. Smith
Ms. Colleen C. Smith
Ms. Sara E. Smith
Ms. Rachel E. Snavely
Ms. McKenna Snyder
Ms. Sara A. Stauffer
Ms. Krystal I. Thomas
Mr. Nicholas A. Thrailkill
Mr. Benjamin J. Titman
Ms. Heather L. Tran
Mr. James S. Travers, Jr.
Mr. Roberto M. Valdes
Mr. Natanael Valdez
Mr. Kyle S. Wagner
Ms. Sarah C. Wannlund
Ms. Kristen K. Zlogar