Recent Graduate Giving to The Valley

Classes of 2006-2015

As the largest group of alumni, our Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) have the ability, desire, and passion to make a strong impact on Lebanon Valley College and our students. Members of the Class of 2006 to the Class of 2015 are showing their LVC pride in a variety of ways:

• Through volunteering for their reunion committees, serving on Leadership Councils, and volunteering as Career Connections mentors.
• Promotion of the college: encouraging high school juniors and seniors to consider attending LVC, sharing about their educational experience with family and friends, and proudly wearing their LVC swag
Making a gift to Lebanon Valley College to support an area of campus that had an impact on them.

Why I Give...
 "I was able to attend LVC only through scholarships that would not be possible without countless LVC donors. Therefore, I donate what I can financially every year since graduating to help make college affordable to the next generation of LVC students. To quote a ‘famous’ song, I give back because I ‘full well we know the debt we owe to dear old LVC.’" - James Kroll Lloyd '11

How much of an impact can a gift have on our students?
An immense impact! Last fiscal year, graduates of the last decade donated more than $32,000 to support Lebanon Valley College. Through that generosity, our students were able to receive a quality educational opportunity at The Valley—your support helped provide financial aid, scholarships, campus beautification, engaging learning opportunities with faculty and staff, and more.

As GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) alumni, you are invited to join our Vickroy GOLD Society, our recent graduate leadership giving group, with a gift of $100 for each since graduation. For example, the Class of 2011 can join with a gift of $500 in 2015-16 since it has been five years since their graduation. We encourage you to step up as a leader in your class to support LVC at the appropriate Vickroy GOLD level, but please know…

Gifts of any size are appreciated! The collective power of donations, just like the collective power of our students, whether they marching to Kreiderheim after a Dutchmen victory over Albright in football, expending energy during Dutchmen Day, generating excitement at The Pink Game, giving back through community service hours , or celebrating achievements at Inquiry, have a lasting impact on Lebanon Valley College.

Thank you for supporting LVC!