The Hearsey Scholarship for Actuarial Science

Through the generosity of friends, former students, and an anonymous donor who pledged $10,000, The Hearsey Scholarship for Actuarial Science has surpassed its $100,000 goal, and its total endowment is still climbing. The scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Bryan Hearsey, professor emeritus of mathematical sciences, who taught at the College, and served as long-time chair of the Mathematical Sciences Department and the Actuarial Science Program, for almost 40 years.

Bryan took the reins of our struggling actuarial science major in 1976 and during the next three decades built a program that now has few rivals in North America. The statistics are almost unbelievable. We've produced 60 Fellows and 37 Associates of the actuarial societies, and recently, our students have passed more than 20 exams in each of the last two years. For comparison, our most similar competitor reported to the Society of Actuaries that their students passed an average of 4 exams per year during the same time period.

When asked about his success, Bryan is modest; he smiles and attributes it to luck. But if pressed, he says it's always been about hard work and putting students first. Our goal is to continue to put our students first—by giving them more financial aid to attend LVC to study actuarial science. This scholarship will also help us recruit students so that the program remains strong.

Please join the effort to support The Hearsey Scholarship for Actuarial Science. To see the current total, a list of donors, or to donate to The Hearsey Scholarship for Actuarial Science, please visit the Donors page.