Senior Gift Drive 

What is the Senior Gift Drive?

The Senior Gift Drive provides you the opportunity to support the community that has supported you for four years. It also helps you say "thank you" to LVC for all the experiences that have shaped you.

What can I support?

Support whatever made an impact on you. Give to where your passions lie, and make LVC possible for another student. Areas of designation include The Valley Fund, scholarships and financial aid, academic departments, athletics, cultural activities, High-Impact Experience Fund for students, and President’s Innovation Fund for faculty.

Will our gifts really make a difference?

Absolutely! Your gifts provide future students with the same opportunities you have enjoyed. You will truly help make LVC possible for another student.


Please direct any questions to Jordan Ott, development associate, at 717-867-6324 or

Class of 2016 Gift Drive

What are the goals for the Class of 2016 Gift Drive?

In honor of LVC's 150th anniversary, the Class of 2016's goals are to raise $2,000 in donations from 150 members of the class.

Your class also has a unique opportunity to secure additional support for LVC through the generosity of Woodrow “Skip” Dellinger, LVC Class of 1962. Mr. Dellinger has generously agreed to donate $1,500 when you reach 75 donors, and another $1,500 when you reach your goal of 150 donors from the class! 

Your participation, with a gift in any amount, could help provide an additional $3,000 to LVC!

How do I make a gift to the Class of 2016 Gift Drive?

Donations in the form of cash, check, or credit card are accepted. Seniors can fill out a Class of 2016 Gift Drive donation form with their information and donation at various events hosted by the Class of 2016 Gift Drive Committee, or receive a form from a member of the committee. You can also visit Jordan Ott, development associate, in Laughlin Hall to pick up a donation form and make a gift. Checks can be made out to Lebanon Valley College.

To make a gift online, please click the link below.

A special thank you to the Class of 2016 Gift Drive Committee: Jeff Bates, Amanda Ringenbach, Sarah Kensinger, Carrie Pfleiger, Paige Diller, John Gething, Hannah Stone, Alyssa Wiekrykas, Victoria Gluzsko, Victoria Seader

By making a gift to the Class of 2016 Gift Drive, you are joining a Lebanon Valley College tradition of seniors giving back to our College. Click here to learn more about the history of the Senior Class Gift Drive.

Progress Toward Goal of 150 Donors: 105 Donors
Ms. Amanda Albright
Ms. Mary Baldassarre
Ms. Emily Banks
Ms. Leeca Baran
Mr. Jeffrey Bates
Ms. Morgan Bates
Mr. Jeremy Beaver
Ms. Sara Behm
Ms. Megan Berner
Mr. Eric Bieber
Ms. Alyse Bingham
Ms. Megan Blauch
Ms. Brittany Brubaker
Mr. Luke Bunting
Mr. Robert Conlon
Mr. David Corvino  
Ms. Stephanie Cosgrove
Ms. Caitlin Courogen  
Mr. Austin De La Ronde
Mr. Colin Decker
Ms. Aubrey Dietrich
Ms. Paige Diller
Mr. Ryan Dotson
Mr. Kevin Doty  
Ms. Larissa Eriksen
Mr. Justin Felty
Mr. Andrew Flinchbaugh
Ms. Emily Franke
Ms. Ariana Freeman
Mr. Aaron Gambini
Mr. Kevin Gane  
Mr. Julian Gerace
Mr. John Gething
Mr. Lucas Gienow
Ms. Victoria Gluszko  
Mr. Tyler Good
Mr. Collin Greer
Ms. Krysten Guilfoyle
Mr. Clayton Heebner
Ms. Emily Hockley  
Mr. Dean Howey
Ms. Megan Hummel
Mr. Ian Jackson  
Mr. Nathaniel Kachel
Ms. Alayna Kalinay  
Mr. Cody Kelly
Ms. Kristina Kelly
Ms. Sarah Kensinger
Ms. Aileen Koch
Ms. Morgan Kratz
Ms. Ashley Kutz
Ms. Colleen Landis
Ms. Allison Laufert
Ms. Rebecca Light
Mr. Timothy Lupia  
Mr. Cody Manmiller
Ms. Shannon McCarthy
Mr. William McGowan
Ms. Meaghan McLuckie
Ms. Kendall Mehaffey
Mr. Bradley Mehl
Ms. Jessica Meyer  
Ms. Emily Moatz
Ms. Shelby Morris
Ms. Kayla Muff  
Ms. Haley Neff
Mr. Blace Newkirk
Mr. Cory Paternoster
Ms. Haley Patrick
Mr. Christopher Pellow
Mr. Jeffrey Pellow
Mr. John Pellow  
Ms. Theresa Peters
Ms. Carrie Pfleiger
Mr. Connor Pierce
Mr. Samuel Porter
Ms. Kortney Powlison
Mr. Gabrielle Pretot
Ms. Lindsey Pukas  
Ms. Amanda Quinn
Ms. Alli Quirk
Ms. Kaitlyn Rappoldt
Mr. Scott Reagan  
Mr. Derrick Reed
Ms. Hannah Reedy
Ms. Ashley Reeling
Ms. Amanda Ringenbach
Mr. Jackson Roberts
Mr. Bradee Ruhl
Ms. Rebecca Sausser  
Mr. William R. Sausser
Ms. Victoria Seader
Ms. Maggi Secrest
Mr. Eric Sharp 
Ms. Sara Shissler
Ms. Juliana Shuty
Mr. Andrew Siscaretti
Mr. Zach Smith
Mr. Matthew Snader
Ms. Laura Snyder
Ms. Taylor Steinsnyder
Ms. Hannah Stone
Ms. Lucy Thompson  
Mr. Morgan Townsend
Mr. Vincent Tranchitella II
Mr. David Tull
Mr. Blade Umstead
Ms. Amy Wagner  
Mr. Curtis Washburn
Ms. Erin Wetzel
Ms. Alyssa Wiekrykas

Thank you for your gift to your class gift drive! This thoughtful and generous gift ensures that the things you love the most about LVC are available now and for future classes.

Those graduating in 2017, keep an eye out for your senior class gift drive!