Law, Liberty & Justice

Lady Justice   The Law, Liberty, & Justice program for summer 2014 offers exciting and intellectually-challenging opportunities for scholarly and intelligent recent graduates of high school, as well as those just entering their senior or junior year in high school. This one week program will be held at the Lebanon Valley College campus (near Hershey, Pennsylvania) from Monday July 7th (those who choose to stay at our campus dorms should arrive on the afternoon of July 6th) to Friday July 11th.  Participants will explore the foundations of American law and liberty, discuss the political arguments of Locke, Madison, and Mill, and examine the judicial reasoning of the U.S. Supreme Court in selected recent cases.  Alongside on-campus lectures, presentations, movies, and lively but civil argument, the program features several guest speakers and a day trip to the cradle of American liberty in Philadelphia.  A second day trip, to meet government officials in Harrisburg, is also planned.  Serious fun for the intelligent and college-bound! For those staying in a campus dorm, the College will charge a fee of $900 to cover tuition, scheduled day-trips, room, & meals during the period July 6 to July 11, 2014. For those who commute each day from home, costs will be lower.